SYMPHONITY – Part 2: Crimson Silk

As we know from the history, Marco’s father Nicollo travelled to the Mongolian empire and back when Marco grew up in Venice. After his return home, he needed to make second journey back to Mongolia, because he promised to deliver a message back to Khan Kublai. For this second time, Marco was the part of the expedition. Their first steps led to Acre and Jerusalem and then further east through the war-torn land of Armenia and Persia. That’s exactly what the song Crimson Silk is all about.

Musically, it is a swift power metal of European provenience spiced with elements of Middle Eastern music. We used a lot of ethnic instruments, especially in verses. As an example, you can hear the instrument called Oud (short-necked fretless lute used in Turkish in Arabic music and one of the main melodic instruments in the Middle East), Saz (long-necked fretted lute), Middle East Kanun (a Turkish zither) or Ney (long end-blown flute).

We use also special percussive sounds (most of them were recorded live by our special guest Ladislav Šiška), such as darbuka (small goblet drum), dohola (large goblet drum similar to darbuka but with deeper tones because of its larger size) or Riq (small tambourine-like frame drum with jingles).

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SYMPHONITY – Part 1: Venezia

The whole album starts with the song Venezia (Venice) where Marco was born and spent his childhood. It is a sort of epic instrumental intro song, which starts calmly but graduates with spectacular mezzo-soprano melody which make you goosebumps. As you will listen to this melody, try to imagine young Marco who dreams about travelling to distant places. For many years of his childhood, he waited desperately for his father’s return from the long journey.

The vocal part is performed by great Czech Mezzosoprano Jana Hrochová, the solo opera voice of National Theatre in Brno. We are more than pleased of her appearance on our album. Thank you very much!

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SYMPHONITY track by track introduction

„Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“ is the conceptual album which tells the story of Marco Polo. Each song is dedicated to some specific part of his journey. We tried to create a musical connection with the whole story, so each song is like a chapter of his life which is described not just by lyrics but also by music which is different in each of the songs. With the help of music and by using uncommon ethnic instruments, we created a special atmosphere which relates to each chapter, so it enhances the listening experience.

That’s why we decided to describe you each chapter in our own words, so you will know all the important things before the listening. In the following days we will share with you the series of posts related to each particular song from our upcoming album „Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“, which you can pre-order here.

20. May 2022

SYMPHONITY – brand new videoclip out now!

We would like to introduce you the brand new SYMPHONITY videoclip for the song „Marco Polo Part 8: Prisoner“.

Check it out, leave a comment and share!

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SYMPHONITY – teaser for new video!

The brand new official video for the song „Marco Polo Part 8: Prisoner“ will be released on April 18th, 12pm. You can already listen to the song on all digital streaming platforms.

For digital streaming click here.

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SYMPHONITY – new single „Prisoner“ out now!

We are proud to announce today’s release of the second digital single from the upcoming SYMPHONITY album „Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“. The song is called „Marco Polo Part 8: Prisoner“ and it is available on all digital platforms worldwide!

Check it out here.
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SYMPHONITY – new single coming soon!

It’s almost there! Mark April 14th in your calendar, because on this date, we will release the second single from the upcoming SYMPHONITY album „Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“. The song is called „Marco Polo Part 8: Prisoner“ and it will be available on all digital platforms worldwide!

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SYMPHONITY want to say thank you

SYMPHONITY want to say thank you to all the great people working with them on their new album:

„Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“ was mixed and mastered in the famous Finnvox Studios, namely by Mikko Karmila and Mika Jusilla, some of the most experienced men in their field who worked with such great names like Nightwish, Stratovarius, Children Of Bodom and many others.

Finnvox Studios was always a mark of a great sound quality in the metal world and it is a real honor for us that we could mix and master our album right here along with other famous bands making their records here. We really enjoyed the cooperation which was professional and without any problems.

There are also some very special guests who contributed to the album, such as Marek „Ashok“ Šmerda (Cradle Of Filth), Herbie Langhans (Avantasia, Firewind), Jana Hrochová (National Theatre Brno), Billy Jeffs (Memories Of Old).

You may remember Martin „Marthus“ Škaroupka (Cradle of Filth) and Olaf Hayer (Luca Turilli, Dionysus) as the former SYMPHONITY members who recorded previous studio albums (Voice From The Silence in 2008, King Of Persia in 2016). The album will be released ten years after the sudden death of the former band’s bass player Tomáš Čelechovský.

Look for audio samples, videos and pre-order here.

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