In dark times, epic music is needed to get people in a positive mood again. On the surface, “The Force Within” belongs to the genre of Epic Symphonic Power Metal, yet there is more behind Cristiano Filippini’s FLAMES OF HEAVEN than just trying to deliver a strong all-star album. This project brings together the most talented group of Italian metal musicians to deliver a creative powerhouse album. The ideas of composer, producer, and guitarist Cristiano Filippini have developed into a real spectacle, which will win over fans of the genre in no time.

Even though the genre is often called kitschy, “The Force Within” is anything but that. The production is superb, the compositions elaborated to the smallest detail. The melodies are catchy and the vocals with the expressive voice are brilliant. The guitar work is simply awesome. The album shows a band with great technical prowess and a versatility of switching between voluminous and razor sharp, delivering songs which take you on a great musical journey. It is interesting, by the way, that the orchestral parts are used very efficiently and at the same time discreetly, rounding off the pieces to perfection.

Find the streaming/download version on all your favourite platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, amazon and more (click HERE for more info), or order the album HERE.



Total playing time: 1:14:17

  • Brilliant Epic Symphonic Power Metal with Eighties AOR influences
  • Italian all-star band with Cristiano Filippini, Marco Pastorino (Temperance), Paolo Caridi (Geoff Tate’s Sweet Oblivion, David Ellefson, Hollow Haze, etc.), Giorgio Terenziani (Arthemis), Michele Vioni (Vivaldi Metal Project, YouTube video with over 16mio views)
  • In the great tradition of Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Sonata Arctica, Avantasia
  • Mixed by Stratovarius guitarist Matias Kupiainen
  • Mastering in the Finnvox Studios of Mika Jussila
20. November 2020
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MEMORIES OF OLD – The Zeramin Game

Epic Symphonic Power Metal is a style that has neither too many friends in the UK nor bands which tend to indulge in this more Scandinavian or Italian genre. Nevertheless, a certain Billy Jeffs has discovered a passion for this genre and starts working on an album in 2017. Three years later, with his new band MEMORIES OF OLD, he presents an album that impressively reflects the entire spectrum of this genre. “The Zeramin Game” is not just a simple debut – it is an epitome of the genre. What started as a one-man-project has even aroused the interest of Sabaton/Majestica guitarist Tommy Johansson, who quickly declared himself a member of MEMORIES OF OLD. “The Zeramin Game” delivers a firework of songs that fans of Epic Symphonic Power Metal will embrace enthusiastically! The compositions are crisply produced, up to date, and simply monumental.

You can listen to it on all major streaming platforms, following this link:

Or buy the album at:



Total playing time: 1:12:59

  • Epic Symphonic Power Metal made in England. Style similar to Alestorm and Malmsteen
  • Vocalist: SABATON guitar player Tommy Johansson
  • Produced by Billy Jeffs and Alessio Garavello (A New Tomorrow, ex-Power Quest)
18. September 2020
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SYMPHONITY release second single & videoclip

Marco Polo – Dreaming Of Home is SYMPHONITYs second single and videoclip with the refined new line-up, featuring Konstantin Naumenko (Sunrise) and Mayo Petranin (ex-Signum Regis) on vocals.

Lyrics for this song were pinned down by no other than our very own Billy Jeffs of MEMORIES OF OLD.

The song was mixed by Mikko Karmila & mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios, Finland (NIGHTWISH, STRATOVARIUS).

The audio version is available on all major digital streaming & download sites (for examples click HERE).

Konstantin Naumenko – Lead Vocals
Mayo Petranin – Lead Vocals
Libor Křivák – Guitars, Keyboards
Tomáš Sklenář – Bass
Radim Večeřa – Drums
Sergio Meis – Piano


Dreaming Of Home
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New SYMPHONITY single & video: Marco Polo (part 2) – Crimson Silk

SYMPHONITY are back with their first single and videoclip in the new line-up with both, Antonio Abarte (PERSEUS) and Mayo Petranin (ex-SIGNUM REGIS), on lead vocals.

“Crimson Silk” features the guest musicians Marek “Ashok” Šmerda (CRADLE OF FILTH), Herbie Langhans (AVANTASIA) and Ladislav Šiška.

The production as well as the arrangements were handled by Libor Křivák. The song was mixed by Mikko Karmila & mastered by Mika Jussila at the Finnvox Studios, Finland (NIGHTWISH, STRATOVARIUS).

Finally, the amazing cover artwork was done by Dušan Marković.

The audio version is available on most major digital streaming & download sites, e.g.:
Apple Music/iTunes


Antonio Abate – Lead Vocals 

Mayo Petranin – Lead Vocals 

Libor Křivák – Guitars, Keyboards 

Tomáš Sklenář – Bass 

Radim Večeřa – Drums


Crimson Silk
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MINOTAURUS – Victims Of The Underworld

“Victims Of The Underworld”, again recorded in collaboration with producer Rolf Munkes, is being released in the band’s 25th anniversary year. With more metal, but with lasting lyrical content, the album is a work of maturity and depth. From “Thor I’m Asking You” which, from the first note, carries the listener along with its hard guitars and profound melody, to the doom-inspired “Raven’s Fate” the songs seem to have been cast from a single multifaceted mold. Every note displays the conviction and energy that the band applied while recording their sixth album. MINOTAURUS have delivered a monumental work even by their own standards, and one which will surely generate new fans of this genre.



Total playing time 45:50



  • Mature, dynamic, tougher: that is the MINOTAURUS 2019 sound!
  • Produced by Rolf Munkes (Empire, Crematory, ex-Majesty, Tour guitarist for Tony Martin etc…) in Empire Studios.
  • Multifaceted, intensive Folk Metal.
  • High-quality back catalog with excellent reviews.
Victims Of The
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ANCIENT BARDS – Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)

The Italian Bombastic/Symphonic Power Metal band around the strongly-voiced front lady Sara Squadrani always went its own way, but they really go to town on their fourth album “Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)”. Their symphonic/epic Metal is cleanly thought through, exceedingly well played and the listener notices ANCIENT BARDS’ enjoyment and conviction of what they do.

With “Origine”, ANCIENT BARDS once again presents an album which not only shows the rademarks of the band, but one which has all the feelings of a cinema soundtrack. Once again they have taken a step forward with their epic influences, strengthened the orchestral parts and combined it with racing guitars to a distinctive mixture. Sara’s voice tops off the tracks with all her vocal diversity. The quality of vocalist Sara’s ability had, by now, reached Holland and Arjen Anthony Lucassen invited her, alongside a star-studded guestlist, to participate on his album “The Theory Of Everything”.

Choose your favorite streaming service or find a place to purchase the album at: ANCIENT BARDS “Origine (The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2)”


Total playing time 62:35






  • For fans of Nightwish, Within Temptation, Rhapsody Of Fire, Epica, Delain and Edenbridge.
  • Live experience with Turisas, White Skull, Almah, Domine, Heidevolk, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie, etc…; Festival performances in Wacken, Made of Metal, Female Voice Metal Festival.
  • Epic-melodic, classical-bombastic arrangements wrapped in an excellent sound.
  • Thematically high quality story line together with sophisticated songwriting.
  • Worldwide superb reviews given to their first three albums.
  • Vocalist Sara Squadrani was an invited guest on Arjen Anthony Lucassen last studio opus.
  • CD only bonus track.
25. January 2019
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DRAGONY – Masters Of The Multiverse

Vienna 2007. The Dragonslayer Project caused an uproar on the Austrian scene. What began simply as a project, quickly became an established band, playing numerous successful shows. Even established bands such as Axxis, Sonata Arctica, Serenity, Powerwolf and Paul Di’Anno relied on the band as an excellent support act. After changing the band name to DRAGONY in 2011, the band signed with Limb Music, and released the debut album “Legends” in 2012.

Six years later DRAGONY is now presenting their third studion album entitled “Masters Of The Multiverse”. Ten symphonic metal hammers, which cover the entire breadth of the genre from stamping riff monsters to high speed bombers to epic ballads. Not only is Sabaton guitarist Tommy Johansson featured on the album, but one is also treated to the vocals of Van Canto singer Ross Thompson and the German vocalist Nora Bendzko.



Total playing time 58:15






  • Fourth release of the Austrian Symphonic Power Metaller.
  • High standard of production.
  • Album mastered in Finnvox Studio.
  • Brilliant cover version/interpretation of the Stan Bush song “The Touch” (CD only bonus track).
12. October 2018
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The 10 Years Royal Collection

Australia’s high decibel Metal scene is subject to certain rules. Because of the immense distance many of the hundreds of promising newcomers on the Australian scene never make it across the pond. The few combos who do manage to make the trip to Europe are a huge enhancement for the European scene. BLACK MAJESTY is one such band! Superb Power Metal with lots of melodies, finely spun prog elements and a huge portion of sheer joy and unbroken enthusiasm are the chief characteristics of Black Majesty. The Best Of contains songs of the first five albums, as well as rare Japan bonus tracks, acoustic versions and previously unreleased songs and demos with the whopping number of 31 remastered tracks on two CD’s.

Prelisten to the album and find direct links for streaming/downloading and buying options HERE!

    • Disc 1:
      01. Fall Of The Reich / 5:16
      02. Legacy / 4:17
      03. Sands Of Time / 5:40
      04. Dragon Reborn / 6:03
      05. Silent Company / 4:26
      06. Six Ribbons (Jon English Tribute) / 3:20
      07. Firestorm / 5:26
      08. Forever Damned / 5:10
      09. Into The Black / 5:08
      10. Tomorrowland / 4:48
      11. Far Beyond / 5:24
      12. Break These Chains / 4:49
      13. Wish You Well / 4:21
      14. Falling / 4:40
      15. Holy Killers / 5:10
      16. Edge Of The World / 4:19

      Disc 2:
      01. Chasing Time / 5:26
      02. Guardian (Acoustic Version) / 6:59
      03. Kingdoms / 4:15
      04. Memories / 5:37
      05. Silent Company (Acoustic Version) / 5:13
      06. Two Hearts / 4:35
      07. Hunt For You / 5:23
      08. Shine / 4:16
      09. Lycan / 4:50
      10. Everlasting (Previously Unreleased) / 4:55
      11. Forever Damned (Live) / 5:11
      12. Dying Innocence (Demo) / 4:49
      13. Take Me (Demo) / 4:21
      14. Sands Of Time (Demo) / 4:40
      15. Journeys End (Demo) / 5:10

    Total playing time 2:35:13

    • Best Of of the first 10 years of Australia’s premiere Melodic Power Metal act
    • Diversified mixture of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Hammerfall, and Helloween
    • Great reviews of their previous releases
    • Live Shows with Edguy, Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Dragonforce, Saxon, Nevermore, Paul DiAnno, etc. and performances at the Wacken Open Air Festival
14. September 2018
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