Austin Dixon’s PRYDAIN signs worldwide deal with LIMB MUSIC

Another metal masterpiece sees the light of day on LIMB MUSIC:
Austin Dixon, guitarist and founding member of US power metallers SONIC PROPHECY, fulfills a lifelong dream with PRYDAIN – „The Gates of Aramore“.

He has always been fascinated by the idea behind artists‘ projects like the albums of AVANTASIA, the AINA rock opera „Days of Rising Doom“ or Arjen Lucassen’s „Star One“.

The studied musician from Farr West, north of Salt Lake City in the US state of Utah, has developed the song ideas for PRYDAIN over several years and now, thanks to the help of the Greek multi-talent Bob Katsionis (ex Firewind, ex Serious Black, Wonders, Outloud, Stray Gods, Warrior Path), he has put them into practice together with strong musicians, resulting in an Epic Power Metal album that contains all the necessary ingredients: Vibrant guitar duels, virtuoso keyboard flights of fancy, pithy vocals, driving grooves, catchy melodies – and a storyline from an ancient kingdom beyond space and time.



This is the cover artwork of the upcoming instrumental album “The Quest” by ROGER STAFFELBACH, made by Uwe Jarling (Heavens Gate, Grave Digger). When Roger went through Uwe’s impressive body of work, a design called “World Thief” caught his attention and together they worked on it to create what now is to be the final masterpiece.

„I immediately had the idea to replace that machine [on the original design] with my guitar and have me implied somewhere around it. We then worked on the details, exchanged ideas back and forth until we had the final design. It was a fun and very creative cooperation which exceeded by far my expectation how the final artwork would look like, ’stunning‘ I think is the best word to describe this impressive piece of art“, Roger says.

„The Quest“ will be released on May 12, 2023.
CD release by No Dust Records
Worldwide digital release by Limb Music


ROGER STAFFELBACH album out in May!

On May 12, 2023, „The Quest“, the instrumental album by ROGER STAFFELBACH (Artension, Artlantica, Angel of Eden), will be released on Limb Music (digital) and No Dust Records (CD).

The album contains eight classy, colorful original compositions as well as two vivid interpretations of great compositions: Antonio Vivaldi’s „Summer Presto“ from the „Four Seasons“ and the Aria from Johann Sebastian Bach’s Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major and offers a refreshing mix of virtuoso guitar playing and rousing melodies.

„The Quest“ is the result of Staffelbach’s years of experience as a musician and composer. Roger has always relied on inspired teamwork with valued playing partners and so the soundscapes of „The Quest“ were also created together with a creative keyboardist. „I admire pianists and keyboardists for their talent and virtuosity.“ Argentine Ariel Perchuk served as arranger on Roger’s compositions from South America. „Ariel was a big Artension fan and at one point sent me some material of his. I was thrilled by his style.“

Virtual tinkering, such as with programmed drum tracks, was not an option for Roger. He consistently went the traditional route and relied on a real band lineup for „The Quest“: „It was important to me to record everything as organically as possible.“

Besides Ariel, a seasoned rhythm section brought life to the album: bassist Steve DiGiorgio (Testament, Artension, Sadus) and drummer John Macaluso (Michael Romeo, TNT, Ark, Yngwie).


ROGER STAFFELBACH signs worldwide deal with LIMB MUSIC

We are happy to announce that Swiss guitar artist ROGER STAFFELBACH (Artension, Artlantica, Angel of Eden) will release his first instrumental album „The Quest“ on Limb Music.

Roger has been one of the respected exponents of neo-classical power guitar since the mid-1990s. The genre was largely defined in the 1980s by pioneers such as Yngwie Malmsteen and Tony MacAlpine.

As with all his band releases since the strong 1996 Artension debut „Into the Eye of the Storm“, Roger is on par with his idols with his first instrumental album „The Quest“ – from precise shred riffing and seamless melodic leads to soulful concert guitar passages.

„The Quest“: A virtuously played, melodically stirring solo work for lovers of neo-classical electric guitar art.



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