MEMORIES OF OLD announce new single!

Today MEMORIES OF OLD announce that their new single ‚Guardians of the Kingdom‘ will be released on October 28th via all your favourite streaming platforms!

The wait since ‚The Zeramin Game‘ has been a long one for everyone, and the band are very eager to usher in this new era by finally bringing you some new music to enjoy!

Artwork by Lekshmi Bose.

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A NEW ERA – MEMORIES OF OLD announce new singer !

It gives us great pleasure to be able to introduce you MEMORIES OF OLD’s new singer, so please give a very warm welcome to the new voice of the band, JAMIE JORDAN.

And if you would like to see a totally factual video (honestly..) of how it all came to pass, then look no further.

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Greetings MEMORIES OF OLD community!

Today we have an important update to share with you.

Regretfully we must announce that the time has come for our epic and majestic singer Tommy to step away from MEMORIES OF OLD, in order to better focus his time into his many other endeavours and to allow the band to fully flourish in the new era we are embarking upon.

In Tommy’s very own words:
„Hello dear MEMORIES OF OLD followers!

After talking to Billy we came to the arrival of a conclusion that my chapter in MEMORIES OF OLD unfortunately had to come to an end.

It’s a decision that came from both of us.

MEMORIES OF OLD is a rising star on the Power Metal sky beyond the Land of Xia and since I have both Sabaton, Majestica, my YouTube channel and a life outside music I just can’t give them the time they deserve to become an even more successful band.

We would just be hiding in Zera’s Shadow waiting for me to have more time, and that’s not fair.

It wasn’t my destiny to carry the torch across the sea with this glorious Power Metal band. But who knows, some day soon we might be working together again and that would be a privilege.

I am forever grateful I got to be a part of the story and joining in from the start of this journey together with Billy and the others on ”The Zeramin Game” and I have found a friend in time and a brother in Metal with Billy and I will continue to listen to MEMORIES OF OLD and support the band in every way.

Thanks for the time in MEMORIES OF OLD and thanks to all you fantastic MEMORIES OF OLD fans who have supported this band all the way from the start!

Your hooded traveller / Tommy“


The winds of change may blow strong today, but fear not, for they usher in the dawn of an exciting new horizon, and we can’t wait to bring you the very first chapter of this tale in the coming days 🤘

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MEMORIES OF OLD – new bass player

MEMORIES OF OLD are extremely happy and proud to announce the newest member of the MOO family, joining them as their new bassist, Rhys Morgan!!
“I feel elated to be joining Memories Of Old as we start this new chapter together, and I look forward to sharing this journey with everyone!!”
Everyone be sure to give Rhys the most warm welcome in the comments as we know you all will, and look out for more epic news still to come.

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SYMPHONITY – The Making of… Marco Polo

Check out the brand new SYMPHONITY „The Making of… Marco Polo“ video which contains a lot of unique materials from the recording process of the album „Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“ as well as insights of band members Libor Křivák, Tomáš Sklenář and Josef Cigánek. You can buy the album in the online stores and it’s also available on all digital streaming platforms.

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FireWölfe – „Air Attack“ video out now!

„Air Attack“ was the first song FireWölfe wrote together. The original song idea came from guitarist Paul Kleff and the simple, straight forward approach of the song was the perfect vehicle for David Fefolt to craft his lyrics and melodies around. We thought it would make a great opening track for the album because of it’s intense, heavy grooves and simple song structure. Lyrically the song is literally about being in an „air attack“ in war times. As such we thought it would be cool to have some sound effects of air planes and some wartime explosions and gunfire as well. Paul Kleff also plays the super melodic solo on this track. „Air Attack“ is always mentioned as a fan favorite, and we wanted to do a cool video featuring World War II era fighter planes for the „Reloaded“ release of the debut album. Check it out!

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Petition – Erhaltung Warenpost International

Petition für Erhaltung Warenpost International mit bisherigen Maßen für Vinyl Versand.

Klick hier für Petition via ChangeGER.

FIREWÖLFE – Debutalbum Reissue

FireWölfe are unquestionably retro – but of the finer variety. Their riff monsters, refined with pithy vocals and brilliant licks and leads, breathe powerful U.S. metal vibes that should appeal to friends of legends such as Savatage or Riot as well as lovers of Heir Apparent or Fifth Angel.

The self-titled debut album, self-released by the band in 2011 and licensed to Japan, is now being released as a reissue via Limb Music.

The re-release is upgraded by a complete remastering and the brand new cover artwork by Dusan Markovic. In addition, there are two new bonus tracks recorded by the current line-up.
Guest vocalists Jonathan K. from Q5 and Bobby „Leatherlungs“ Lucas (Attacker, Overlorde, Seven Witches, Exhibition) grace these additional recordings with their well-oiled throats. The new songs originate from the original writing sessions of the two band founders Paul Kleff and Nick Layton.
Gems like „Feel The Thunder“, „Air Attack“, „Unholy“, „Back From Hell“ or the vibrating instrumental „Ice Wizard“ remain strong testimonies of a wonderfully harmonious formation that does not miss any edges.

– Remastered reissue of the debut album from 2011
– Remastered by Bart Gabriel (Crystal Viper, Cirith Ungol, Savage Grace, Q5)
– Exclusive CD only bonus tracks featuring the guest singers Jonathan K. (Q5) and Bobby „Leatherlungs“ Lucas (Attacker, Overlorde, Seven Witches, Exhibition)
– Brand new cover artwork by Dusan Markovic (Jag Panzer, Sorcerer, Death Dealer, The Sound Of Thunder, Symphonity, Dragony)

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