Ancient Bards Crowdfunding Campaign

The Black Crystal Sword Saga continues, join the Knighthood!
Ancient Bards, symphonic metallers from Italy, are launching a Crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the release of their fourth album.

Join us on this epic adventure, join the Knighthood here.

“We’re psyched to announce that we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for the release of our fourth album. We’re set out to raise 17.000€ as a first goal to finish the recordings and the promotion of what it’s going to be our most ambitious project so far.

We’ve been silent for almost two years, because of some issues we encountered on our way. Even during our most difficult time, our fans never stopped showing their support so we want to properly repay them, and to do so we can’t come out with less than a great album. We decided to run a crowdfunding campaign because we want to release the album in the best possible way, with the finest package ever, amazing videos and more killer goodies: we do it for ourselves and for our fans, but we lack the resources to make the step forward we dreamed of.

Through this campaign we are releasing an exclusive Deluxe Edition which will be available only for our backers, it won’t be found in any store after the campaign is ended. The Deluxe Edition consists in a double feature Digipak: one CD with the regular album version, one CD with Sara singing over an especially re-arranged orchestral version that lets the symphonic elements of our music stand out.

We also want to build a community where like-minded people can get together, talk about music and feel part of something special, knowing they helped us realize our vision and share our art with the world. This is the purpose of what we call the Ancient Bards Knighthood, the Order of our most loyal fans. Every one of our backers will be dubbed Sir or Lady of the Ancient Bards.

Our first three releases (The Alliance Of The Kings – 2010, Soulless Child – 2011, A New Dawn Ending – 2014) together make up Part 1 of The Black Crystal Sword Saga. We left our fans in a bit of a cliffhanger at the end of our latest album, so we are happy to be able to share more of the story now. We think people are gonna be surprised by this new chapter, the beginning of Part 2!”

The Crowdfunding already started July 2nd and will continue until August 12th.

Campaign pitch video:

Click here for Crowdfunding Campaign on Indiegogo.

ORIGINE – The Black Crystal Sword Saga Part 2
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SANDSTONE – Tides Of Opinion
Remixed Digital Re-Release

Since forming in 2003, SANDSTONE have been a favourite on the Northern Ireland pub and festival circuit, building a solid fan base. Known for their high energy and tight performances, the band have already toured the mainland on the back of this reputation. From Power Ballads to Prog Rock Epics, the band comprise of accomplished musicians with a maturity that flows with ease.
Following the success of their debut EP “Life Giving Sun” the band hit the road, winning the top prize at the Hammersmith battle of the bands along the way, and writing constantly, putting the final touches to the material that would make up their first full album ‘Tides of Opinion’, a slice of classic style hard-rock executed with confidence and power.

Enjoy this fully remixed and remastered piece of history, which is now available as digital download and includes three previously unreleased tracks.



Total playing time 1:14:59


Video Album Trailer


  • Re-Release of the thought after debut album.
  • Remixed and remastered.
  • Including three previously unreleased tracks.
27. April 2018
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The Irish guitarist Stevie McLaughlin, better known for his riff attacks with the Irish metal band Sandstone and as touring guitarrist for the former Judas Priest/ex-Iced Earth singer Tim Ripper Owens, has recorded his first solo effort. ‘Toy Empires’ is the title of the ten track opus, which can be described as being between hard rock and classical heavy metal. Progressive influences are just as recognizable as are influences to his style by guitarists such as Gary Moore, Rory Gallagher, Steve Vai, John Petrucci and Pat McManus. ‘Toy Empires’ is pleasing the listener with its ten cleanly arranged, melodic hardrock/metal songs, and further recommending itself with its strong, great melodies and classical guitar parts.

Prelisten to the album and find direct links for streaming/downloading and buying options HERE!



Total playing time 1:03:16


Video Album Trailer


  • First solo album of the Irish guitarist with influences from Steve Vai to Gary Moore.
  • Steve McLaughlin is known as the excellent guitarist of the Irish metal band SANDSTONE, as well as of the touring band of Tim Ripper Owens.
  • Wonderfully arranged heavy metal with a high proportion of melody.
20. April 2018
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BURNING BLACK will be playing some gigs with the legendary ROSS THE BOSS in Germany, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy. The tourdates are:

18.04.2018 – DE Mannheim, MS Connexion Complex
19.04.2018 – NL Breda, Mezz
20.04.2018 – DE Leibertingen-Kreenhinstetten, Burgerhaus
21.04.2018 – CH Zug, Chollerhalle
22.04.2018 – IT Brescia, Circolo Colony

CD – Download – Streaming:
BURNING BLACK on Forever Rock

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MASTERS OF DISGUISE merchandise available!

Masters of Disguise merchandise is now available at Forever Rock. Check out the cool zippers and T’s at this location.

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They are one of the hottest assets the German Speed Metal scene has to offer: MASTERS OF DISGUISE. “Alpha / Omega” is bound to conquer the Metal world. Eleven songs including a mighty cover version of Exciter’s “Blackwitch” have been recorded to drive any Speed Metal maniac crazy. The speed smashers seem to have come from a time machine, still, the overall impression is enjoyably fresh and crisp and enthusiastic. MASTERS OF DISGUISE have come up with the third long player in a row that can be called a genuine classic.


  •  01. The Rise (And Fall) Of Kingdoms / 2:13
  •  02. Sacrifice / 5:13
  •  03. Demons From The Past / 3:44
  •  04. Shadows Of Death / 5:58
  •  05. Killer’s Redemption / 3:59
  •  06. Sign Of The Cross / 4:00
  •  07. Alpha / Omega / 5:25
  •  08. Witchhammer / 5:10
  •  09. Knutson III: Nemesis (I Am The Law) / 6:03
  •  10. The Leech / 5:10
  •  11. Blackwitch [CD only Bonus Track] / 7:14

Total playing time 54:18

Video Album Trailer


  • Impressive successor to the band’s great 2015 album
  • The third album also offers uncurbed Speed Metal with characteristic ’80s features
  • The CD includes superior cover version of the Exciter classic ‘Blackwitch’
  • Follows the foot steps of US Metal icon Savage Grace
  • Legendary Speed/Power Metal mix with class and cult appeal
  • Masters of Disguise consists of seasoned musicians from bands such as Roxxcalibur and Abandoned as well as ex-Viron, ex-Savage Grace and ex-Jameson Raid
20. October 2017
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FIREFORCE – Annihilate The Evil

“The FIREFORCE stage is a real battlefield”, the Belgians state with pride, presenting the world with their new album ‘Annihilate The Evil’, which, like its predecessor, was also recorded under the guidance of Christian Schmid and R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy). FIREFORCE is without doubt Belgium’s biggest and internationally most active power metal band and also fans fans on the heavy metal underground scene. The album is a superb metal statement featuring an artwork by Uwe Jarling, which rounds off a strong third album.



Total playing time 50:49


Video Album Trailer


“The Boys From Down Under” video


  • Generously produced third power metal album appealing to true as well as old school metal fans.
  • Produced by Mystic Prophecy vocalist R.D.Liapakis (Jack Starr, Suicidal Angels, Steel Prophet, Crystal Tears, etc…).
  • Tremendous live reputation from the Prog Power Metal Festival and others. Liveshows with Jaguar, Avantasia, Hell, Tygers of Pan Tang, Crimson Glory, etc…
  • Belgium’s greatest heavy metal export.
  • Musically influenced by bands such as Tygers of Pan Tang, Mystic Prophecy, old Helloween, Running Wild, etc…
  • Jonas Sanders of PRO PAIN on drums.
01. September 2017
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LIONSOUL – Welcome Storm

Fans of European classical power metal will find ten great metal songs on “Welcome Storm”, all of which glowing with impressive power chords and impressive vocals. Now and again certain American influences creep through. LionSoul are definitely a positive exception on the Italian scene – they stay away from the typical scheme of things which take the form of very high vocals, fast riffing and classical-bombastic, exaggerated keyboard parts. “Welcome Storm” is power metal as it should be: heavy, lively, raw and still melodic.



Total playing time 46:11


Video Album Trailer


“Next Genesis” video


  • Second album by the power metal band.
  • Style in the tradition of European power metal bands with high levels of melodics.
  • Live shows with Gamma Ray, Iron Savior, Kissin’ Dynamite etc.
  • First class, clear, ass-kicking production setting a perfect base for the twin guitars.
  • Produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Alessandro Del Vecchio (Edge Of Forever, Hardline, Graham Bonnet Band, Lionville, Sunstorm).
23. June 2017
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