DRAGONY announce “Shadowplay” guest appearance by Zak Stevens!

Quote: “As on our first album, we are once again thrilled to welcome a very special guest on our upcoming record, and this time it is none other than former SAVATAGE and TRANS SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA vocalist and current singer for CIRCLE II CIRCLE, Zak Stevens!
One of the most prolific and charismatic singers in the history of Metal, he has lent his voice to immortal classics such as “Edge Of Thorns”, “Handful Of Rain” and “Dead Winter Dead”, has just rocked the WACKEN OPEN AIR as part of a historical two stage performance with SAVATAGE and the TSO, and we are very honored to have Zak on board for our upcoming album “Shadowplay” (out in fall 2015), where he will contribute guest vocals to the song “The Silent Sun”.”
Here is a little teaser from the upcoming album:


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DRAGONY to support GAMMA RAY on their 25 Years in Metal tour

In the bands own words:

“Sometimes, dreams do come true – so it is with great honor that we are able to announce that DRAGONY will be joining the legendary GAMMA RAY (Official) on their upcoming “25 Year Anniversary Party Tour” this fall to promote our new album “Shadowplay”, out on 18th September 2015!

Together with GAMMA RAY and Serious Black – Official we will rock the stages of Europe on the following dates:
28.10. Wilhelsmhaven – Pumpwerk (GER)
30.10. Hamburg – Markthalle (GER)
31.10. Berlin – C-Club (GER)
01.11. Bochum – Zeche (GER)
03.11. Munich – Backstage Werk (GER)
04.11. Praha – Meet Factory (CZ)
06.11. Brno – KC Semilasso (CZ)
07.11. Lucenec – Sports Hall (SK)
08.11. Budapest – Club 202 (HUN)
10.11. Graz – Explosiv (A)
Our other upcoming live dates are:
14.11. Graz – Explosiv (A) “Metal For Breathing”
04.12. Vienna – Szene (A) “Shadowplay” Album Presentation
A big shout-out also goes out to our friends in NeonFly, who will join the tour for the second leg in Spain!

We are thrilled to be part of this amazing tour, and look forward to meeting you all on the road! Spread the word, get your tickets, and Unicorns – unite!”


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DRAGONY unveil collaboration with Lukas Knoebl of ILLUMINATA

Today, we’d like to continue giving you some details on our upcoming new album “Shadowplay” which will be released on 18th September 2015, and it is with great pleasure that we can announce a collaboration with Lukas Knoebl, guitarist and mastermind of Austrian Symphonic Metallers ILLUMINATA!

Lukas is not only a great guitarist and songwriter, but he is also a highly talented arranger of orchestral music, and when we were looking to take the “symphonic” aspect of our new songs to the next level, we got in contact with Lukas when we heard his amazing work on ILLUMINATA’s new album “Where Stories Unfold”. We are very happy to have him on board, as he provided some excellent orchestral arrangements for our new songs!

Make sure to check out his band ILLUMINATA: www.illuminata.at


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HEAVENS GATE – Best For Sale! album trailer on YouTube and Facebook

Here’s the HEAVENS GATE – Best For Sale! album videotrailer and their new Facebook site.

New Facebook site here.

Videotrailer here:

Best For Sale!
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DRAGONY to reveal artwork

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – it’s finally time! The wait is over, the curtain is ready to be lifted; the dragons are back!
We are extremely happy and proud to announce that our new studio album will be titled “SHADOWPLAY” and is set for a worldwide release in September 2015 via our label Limb Music!

We have been working very hard on this new album for the better part of one year in the studio now to deliver great new Symphonic Power Metal anthems, and we feel that all the hard work has finally paid off – we love the new material, and we are very much looking forward to sharing more details like collaborations, guest performances, and of course also the first audio snippets with you in the weeks to come!

For now, we are thrilled to present the artwork for “Shadowplay”, designed by the talented Péter Sallai from Hungary, who has already provided amazing artworks for fantastic bands such as SABATON, CREMATORY and SATYRICON.


Check out his websites:

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HEAVENS GATE “Best For Sale!” CD release postponed to July 10, 2015

HEAVENS GATE “Best For Sale!” CD release postponed to July 10, 2015.

The CD version of “Best For Sale!” contains 17 tracks and will be released via Limb Music on July 10, 2015. The first pressing comes with a slipcase and contains a large poster and a sticker of the artwork.

The digital download version with 20 tracks will be available on June 19, 2015 via iTunes, Amazon, Spotify etc.

Until July 10th, 2015 you can pre-order the CD for a special discounted price here or here.

The song “Livin’ In Hysteria” is available for free download here.

Best For Sale!
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HEAVENS GATE – Best For Sale!

From their first days in 1987 until their break in 1999, HEAVENS GATE were among the top representatives of German Heavy Metal. They had a large fan community, especially in Japan, and their albums are in high demand until today… Which justifies some special release, of course – ‘Best For Sale!’ is a perfect choice for the newbie and the stalwart longtime fan. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and recap the development of the band.

16 years after one of the best German Heavy Metal bands was heard of last, ‘Best For Sale!’ offers a great compendium of the quintet’s creative years. No doubt they have left their mark, and their albums are still in high demand. HEAVENS GATE were an integral part of the German Heavy Metal scene, and ‘Best For Sale!’ epitomises their unique sound: be it fast smashers or classic ballads – the boys deliver them with their impressive and distinctive style. Enjoy ‘Best For Sale!’ either as an introduction to the HEAVENS GATE catalogue or as a great essential legacy.

The first pressing will come in a slipcase containing a sticker plus 36x36cm poster.


  •  01. In Control / 5:09
  •  02. Surrender / 4:01
  •  03. Tyrants / 4:22
  •  04. Path Of Glory / 4:16
  •  05. Livin’ In Hysteria/ 4:37
  •  06. The Neverending Fire / 4:32
  •  07. Flashes / 3:23
  •  08. Best Days Of My Life / 5:53
  •  09. Gate Of Heaven / 4:36
  •  10. Under Fire / 3:39
  •  11. White Evil / 5:00
  •  12. Rising Sun / 3:31
  •  13. He’s The Man / 4:19
  •  14. Planet Earth / 4:16
  •  15. The Edge / 3:33
  •  16. Noah’s Dream / 10:08
  •  17. Mastermind / 4:05

Total playing time 79:13


  • In the 1990’s, HEAVENS GATE were among the most successful and most exciting German Metal bands.
  • Immense success in Japan.
  • Back catalogue is in high demand.
  • This 17 song “Best Of” compilation features superb remastered material from all of their full-length albums.
  • Three bonus tracks for Digital Download and Streaming.
  • Guitarist Sascha Paeth has become a renowned producer.
10. July 2015
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WIZARD – Bound By Metal (Remastered Reissue)

The image represented so clearly by the cover artwork of the Wizard output, “Bound By Metal” is transformed into ambitious music in the tracks of the album. The power of the album bursts through the seams, as the title of this tremendous album promises. Every one of the twelve original songs shine with great instrument techniques and memorable vocal lines.

Remastered by Markus Teske (Vanden Plas, Mob Rules, Symphony X, Neal Morse, Saga and Ian Parry’s Consortium Project), including bonus tracks.


  •  01. Birth Of The Weapons / 1:20
  •  02. Hammer, Bow, Axe And Sword / 3:48
  •  03. Brave Warriors / 4:07
  •  04. Dark Wings / 3:31
  •  05. Mighty Wizard / 5:09
  •  06. A Nice Day To Die / 3:26
  •  07. Gladiators Of Steel / 4:02
  •  08. Unicorn / 6:56
  •  09. Believe In Metal / 3:55
  •  10. Spill The Blood Of Our Enemies / 4:30
  •  11. Battlefield Of Death / 3:02
  •  12. Bound By Metal / 5:39
  •  13. Bloodsteel (Bonus Track) / 4:18
  •  14. In The Sign Of The Wizard (Bonus Track) / 5:41
  •  15. Legion Of Doom (Bonus Track) / 5:15

Total playing time 64:55


  • Wizard have existed since 1989 and are one of Germany’s most popular Speed/Power Metal bands.
  • Numerous successful festival performances e.g. at Wacken, Bang Your Head, Keep it True Festival
  • Sven D’Anna is one of Germany’s most charismatic vocalists
  • Re-release of the rare classic album incl. bonus tracks
  • Remastered by Markus Teske (Vanden Plas, Mob Rules, Symphony X, Neal Morse, Saga and Ian Parry’s Consortium Project)
24. April 2015
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