ANCIENT BARDS finish new album “A New Dawn Ending”

ANCIENT BARDS along with Limb Music and Rockshots Music Management, are proud to present “A New Dawn Ending”.
This is the title of the new album of Ancient Bards, containing the third and last chapter of the first part of the Black Crystal Sword Saga, which began with “The Alliance Of The Kings” in 2010 and continued with “Soulless Child” in 2011.
Ancient mysteries, entangled schemes, come in succession together with strange revelations, during the long and intense battle this chapter is about, a battle that takes place both inside and outside the charachters. The songs were all recorded at Simone Mularoni’s Domination Studio.
“A New Dawn Ending” will be released on April 25th, 2014.
Daniele: “For us now it’s a habit and a guarantee to record at Domination Studio, with Simone we studied the best sound for this album, which this time goes beyond our previous productions: the guitars are even more aggressive, the orchestrations and arrangements are more epic than ever, while the choir, which is more present, has a new and more important role. These are the main ingredients of this final chapter of the Saga. The music flawlessly delivers the events of the story, every note fits it perfectly like a tailored suit. With this album we tried to reach a high level of epicness because we want the listeners to enjoy it to the fullest: the choruses are likely to resonate in your head for a long time. The composition are, of course, all enriched by the beautiful, clear and strong voice of Sara, by the engaging solos of Claudio and Martino and accompanied by the uncontrollable machine that is Federico.This can probably be the best chapter of the saga so far.”
In addition to all of this, there’s an added value to the album, a very special guest in the track ‘The Last Resort’: Fabio Lione from Rhapsody of Fire, a name that definitely doesn’t need any introduction, duets with Sara in pure magic.
Watch the album trailer below:

The album contains 10 songs, including 2 suites: one of over 12 minutes, and one of nearly 17 for a total of over 70 minutes.
Here’s the tracklist of “A New Dawn Ending”:
01 – Before the Storm (1:39)
02 – A Greater Purpose (7:55)
03 – Flaming Heart (6:52)
04 – Across This Life (4:31)
05 – In My Arms (5:25)
06 – The Last Resort (6:06)
07 – Showdown (12:48)
08 – In the End (5:11)
09 – Spiriti Liberi (4:49)
10 – A New Dawn Ending (16:37)
The cover artwork will be revealed soon: it was designed by the master Felipe Machado Franco (Blind Guardian, Rhapsody, etc.) and it truly encapsulates the essence of this chapter.
Get ready, the Black Crystal Sword Saga pt.1 is coming to an end.

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SKYLINER – Outsiders

‘Outsiders’ is SKYLINER’s awesome, enthusiastic, refreshing debut album. A real US Power Metal gem with a progressive mind! The songs on this first album are based on passion and technical versatility – and this first great impression is perfected by a crystal-clear, extremely transparent production. The symbiosis of classy, sophisticated song writing characteristic for the US and the traditional Heavy Metal values and virtues of European combos turn ‘Outsiders’ into a metal fireworks par excellence.


  •  01. Signals / 2:56
  •  02. Symphony In Black / 7:07
  •  03. Undying Wings / 6:34
  •  04. Forever Young / 7:55
  •  05. Aria Of The Waters / 8:26
  •  06. The Human Residue / 7:36
  •  07. Dawn Of The Dead / 7:20
  •  08. The Alchemist / 6:57
  •  09. Worlds Of Conflict / 21:01

Total playing time 75:50


  • Great debut by the US band in the tradition of Fates Warning, Warlord, Angel Witch, Running Wild, Rage, etc…
  • Produced by Jamie King (Between the Buried and Me, Scale The Summit, Devin Townsend…).
  • For fans of American Power/Prog Metal.
28. February 2014
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VANDEN PLAS – Vision 3hree – Godmaker Video

“Vision 3hree – Godmaker” is taken from the album “Chronicles of the Immortals- Netherworld (Path 1)” out on Frontiers Records February 21st in Europe and February 24th in North America.

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VANDEN PLAS to release new album

Limb Music Publishing is proud to announce that Frontiers Records will be releasing VANDEN PLAS’ new concept album entitled “Chronicles of the Immortals – Netherworld” on February 21st in Europe and February 24th in North America.
“Chronicles of the Immortals – Netherworld” will include the following tracks:
Vision 10n * INSIDE *

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MASTERS OF DISGUISE – Back With A Vengeance

Even though it may seem so at first glance, “Back With A Vengeance” by MASTERS OF DISGUISE is NOT copying the legendary past of Savage Grace, the speed metal legends whose name can still be seen on patches on the jackets of one in three metal fans. No, MASTERS OF DISGUISE fills the musical gap, which Savage Grace left behind them, and they do it brilliantly with incredible self-assurance. “Back With A Vengeance” is a furious firework of speed and power, topped with a decent portion of melodies taking their talents to the musical limits.


  •  01. Back With A Vengeance / 2:02
  •  02. Never Surrender / 4:41
  •  03. The Omen / 4:10
  •  04. For Now And All Time (Knutson’s Return) / 4:43
  •  05. Scepters Of Deceit / 3:30
  •  06. Alliance / 4:27
  •  07. Sons Of The Doomed / 4:47
  •  08. Liar / 5:14
  •  09. Into The Unknown / 4:10
  •  10. The Templars’ Gold / 5:29

Total playing time 43:05
Watch the full disturbing video “For Now And All Time (Knutson’s Return)” down below!


  • Impressive Speed-/Power Metal debut with cult character.
  • In the musical footsteps of the US Metal legends Savage Grace.
  • New sensational band, formed by established musicians from bands such as Roxxcalibur, Abandoned, Manilla Road and ex-Viron.
  • Extensive live activities to support the album, e.g. Tour with Manilla Road, etc…
29. November 2013
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JACK STARR featuring RHETT FORRESTER – Out Of The Darkness

Re-release of this valuable part of heavy metal history! “Out Of The Darkness” – the album of Jack Starr (ex-Virgin Steele) featuring Rhett Forrester of Riot – was one of the most influential metal albums of all time feat. Gary Driscoll (ex-Rainbow), Carl Canedy (The Rods), Garry Bordonaro (The Rods) and Ned Meloni (Burning Starr).

Re-mastered by R. D. Liapakis plus 6 bonus tracks from different creative periods of Jack Starr, with new artwork, 20 pages booklet, lyrics, additional photos and liner notes.


  •  01. Concrete Warrior / 4:16
  •  02. False Messiah / 5:39
  •  03. Scorcher / 1:51
  •  04. Wild In The Streets / 2:40
  •  05. I Can’t Let You Walk Away / 4:21
  •  06. Chains Of Love / 3:27
  •  07. Eyes Of Fire / 2:47
  •  08. Odile / 4:41
  •  09. Let’s Get Crazy Again / 3:23
  •  10. Amazing Grace / 1:31
  •  11. Exodus (Bonus Track) / 3:57
  •  12. Interlude In The Afternoon (Bonus Track) / 2:19
  •  13. Sundance Strut (Bonus Track) / 4:06
  •  14. Love In The Rain (Bonus Track) / 3:23
  •  15. Last Date (Bonus Track) / 4:09
  •  15. Blue Tears Falling (Bonus Track) / 6:08

Total playing time 47:46


  • Power-/Heavy Metal classics from 1984 with bonus material.
  • Voted one of the most important albums of the year in 1984 by Kerrang! and Metal Forces magazine!
  • With brilliant vocals of the legendary ex-Riot singer Rhett Forrester.
  • In the Japanese import charts for weeks!
  • Newly mastered by R.D. Liapakis (Mystic Prophecy/Devils Train), making the warm, basic sound even more transparent.
08. November 2013
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MASTERS OF DISGUISE, the band that has risen from the ashes of the last SAVAGE GRACE line-up, has released the digital EP “Knutson’s Return” with an exclusive bonus track not available on the upcoming album titled “Back With A Vengeance”. The EP will be available for a limited time only.

Watch the disturbing video for “For Now And All Time” – not for the faint of hearted…

25. October 2013
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ASCENSION – Far Beyond The Stars

With “Far Beyond The Stars” the Scots deliver a pure heave metal album, with stress laid on twin-barrel riffs, a beating pace and ass-kicking vocals. The five lads utterly convince fans with this, their debut full-length work, right down the line, with metal in the classical style influenced by bands such as Gamma Ray, Helloween, Hammerfall and Dragonforce.


  •  01. Somewhere Back In Time / 6:01
  •  02. Blackthorne / 5:51
  •  03. Reflected Life / 6:39
  •  04. Heavenly / 6:02
  •  05. Moongate / 8:08
  •  06. Orb Of The Moons / 4:48
  •  07. The Silver Tide / 5:27
  •  08. The Time Machine / 7:29
  •  09. Far Beyond The Stars / 1:16
  •  10. The Avatar (Ascension) / 9:41
  • Bonus Track:

  •  11. Listen To Your Heart / 6:07
  • Total playing time 67:26

    Plus additional video “Somewhere Back In Time”:


    • Scotland’s new power metal shooting stars.
    • Debut recorded in Sweden and produced by KING DIAMOND’s Andy LaRocque.
    • Stylistically similar to Gamma Ray, Helloween, Hammerfall and Dragenforce.
    • Over 350.000 hits for their Roxette cover version ‘Listen To Your Heart – Power Metal’ on YouTube.
18. October 2013
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