FLASHBACK OF ANGER announce new bass player

After the untimely death of Francesco Masini, the Italian band FLASHBACK OF ANGER is ready to announce Andrea “Tower” Torricini as new bass player.

Andrea comes from the bands Vision Divine and Wonderland and has recently played along with Tommy Vitaly and several other international artists such as David Defeis, Todd LaTorre, Zak Stevens, Rhino and others.

The band just started recording the new album with the new line-up at Studio Emme Recording.

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GHOST MACHINERY tribute-single with special quests online

Finnish heavy metal messenger Ghost Machinery pay tribute to two great Finnish traditional heavy metal bands that have been paving the way to modern day melodic metal. From the northern part of Finland comes Zero Nine with 25 years of hard rocking and 10 albums under their belt. In southern Finland Ironcross was founded in 1976 and the band recorded 3 stunning albums that have not had the publicity they should have had.

The super-catchy Zero Nine song called “Never Stop Runnin'” can be found on the ‘White Lines’ album. On this one the special quest is an original member from Zero Nine, guitarist Timo Käsmä who plays one hell of a solo on this tribute.
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BLACK MAJESTY live shows announced

After spending the last few months recording the new Black Majesty album ‘Stargazer’, the band have announced a few upcoming shows:

Friday 30th March 2012 – The Brisbane Hotel – Tasmania, Australia part of the Ampocalypse 2 mini fest
Friday 4th May 2012 – Central Club Hotel – Melbourne, Australia
Thursday 17th May 2012 – The Hifi Bar – Melbourne, Australia – supporting Tim Ripper Owens
Saturday 14th July 2012 – Masters Of Rock 2012 – Czech Republic
The album ‘Stargazer’ is tentatively slated for a May 2012 release – exact release date to be announced soon.

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BLACK MAJESTY announce new album title

Black Majesty have announced ‘Stargazer’ as the title of their new album due in May 2012. Black Majesty began recording drums back in October 2011 with Roland Grapow (Masterplan) at Grapow Studios in Slovakia and have since been busy in their homeland Australia laying down guitars and vocals. Roland Grapow will mix the album in the coming months.

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SANDSTONE to support Tim Ripper Owens

Sandstone have been confirmed as the support act for Tim Ripper Owens European tour starting Sept 2012.

The band will be playing the following countries with more dates and venues to be announced soon:


07 sept : Kuurne – Belgium
08 sept : Terneuzen – Holland
09 sept : Genk – Belgium
10 sept : Germany (Details soon)
11 sept : Germany (Details soon)
12 sept : Germany (Details soon)
13 sept : Germany (Details soon)
14 sept : Poland (Details soon)
15 sept : Warsaw – Poland
16 sept : Poland (Details soon)
17 sept : Switzerland (Details soon)
18 sept : Kosice – Slowakia
19 sept : CZ (Details soon)
20 sept : Cluj – Romania
21 sept : Bucharest – Romania
22 sept : Sofia – Bulgaria
23 sept : Serbia (Details soon)
24 sept : Hungary (Details soon)
25 sept : Austria (Details soon)
26 sept : Slovenia (Details soon)
27 sept : Italy (Details soon)
28 sept : Lyon – France
29 sept : Strasbourg – France
30 sept : Paris – France

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BLACK MAJESTY confirmed for Masters Of Rock 2012

Australian melodic power metal band Black Majesty have been announced as part of the 2012 Masters of Rock Czech Republic festival. This will be Black Majesty’s only Czech Republic show during their 2012 European tour where they will be promoting their new album (produced by Roland Grapow – Masterplan) due for release in May 2012. Other acts already confirmed for the M.O.R. 2012 festival include Thin Lizzy, Stratovarius, Edguy, Gothard, Kamelot, Arch Enemy, Within Temptation, Firewind, Unisonic and Arakain amongst many others.

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ANCIENT BARDS – Soulless Child

ANCIENT BARDS kind of symphonic / epic Metal is sophisticated and classy. The intoxicating mix of intense choirs, hefty guitars, classic, epic keyboard parts and ultra catchy melodies grant an extraordinary listening experience. Artwork by Felipe Machado Franco (Rhapsody, Blind Guardian etc…). For fans of Nightwish, Rhapsody Of Fire, Epica, Delain, and Edenbridge.


  •  01. Struggle For Life / 1:53
  •  02. To The Master Of Darkness / 7:33
  •  03. Gates Of Noland / 5:13
  •  04. Broken Illusion / 5:11
  •  05. All That Is True / 9:55
  •  06. Valiant Ride / 4:13
  •  07. Dinanzi Al Flagello / 1:29
  •  08. Soulless Child / 9:15
  •  09. Through My Veins / 7:19
  •  10. Hope Dies Last / 14:31

Total playing time 66:32


  • Epic-melodic, classic arrangements with excellent sound.
  • Interesting story/plot, combined with sophisticated song writing.
  • Worldwide top reviews regarding the debut album “The Alliance Of The Kings”.
  • Live performances with Turisas, White Skull, Almah, Domine, Heidevolk, Korpiklaani, Eluveitie
  • For fans of Nightwish, Rhapsody Of Fire, Epica, Delain, and Edenbridge.
18. Nov 2011
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Metal as metal should be! JACK STARR (ex-Virgin Steele) makes it clear that Eighties metal needn’t sound musty or faded, but instead, with unbounded passion, high-quality songwriting and a kick-ass production, it can hold its head up high today without the stain of clichees! Guest musicians: Ross The Boss & David Shankle (both ex-Manowar).


  •  01. Land Of The Dead / 6:29
  •  02. Sands Of Time / 5:11
  •  03. Twilight Of The Gods / 2:33
  •  04. Stranger In Paradise / 5:29
  •  05. Here We Are / 4:36
  •  06. Warning Fire (feat. Ross The Boss) / 5:22
  •  07. Daughter Of Darkness / 6:55
  •  08. When Blood And Steel Collide / 6:38
  •  09. On The Wings Of The Night / 4:39
  •  10. Never Again (feat. David Shankle) / 5:46
  •  11. Until The End / 6:42

Total playing time 60:13


  • Excellent new Power Metal album of the ex-Virgin Steele guitarist.
  • Powerful combination of classical Eighties Metal and memorable hymns.
  • With ex-Manowar musicians.
  • Jack Starr can look back on a first-class back catalog from the Eighties.
  • Amazing front cover artwork by Ken Kelly (Kiss, Rainbow, Manowar).
  • For fans of Virgin Steele, Riot, Holy Mother.
11. Nov 2011
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