Cristiano Filippini’s FLAMES OF HEAVEN album trailer #2

Finally here we are! Today is the day! We are proud to present Cristiano Filippini’s FLAMES OF HEAVEN debut album „The Force Within“, a record full of epicness, power, romanticism, as well as vintage and modern feeling at the same time.

The metal and hard rock side is the core of the sound, but the keyboards and an orchestra, used with mastery and class, give the music an unique mix.
A perfect balance between furious drums, virtuose guitar solos, epic and powerful vocals, sweet and dramatic strings, majestic horns… – all these elements will bring you to another world.

And when you see three guardian angels with flaming swords over the city, that will be the time to discover „The Force Within“.

Cristiano Filippini’s FLAMES OF HEAVEN are:
– Cristiano Filippini – lead & rhythm guitars, keyboards, arrangements, orchestrations
– Michele Vioni (Michele Luppi’s Heaven, Blaze Bayley, Edu Falaschi) – lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars
– Marco Pastorino (Temperance) – lead & backing vocals
– Giorgio Terenziani (Arthemis) – bass
– Paolo Caridi (Geoff Tate, David Ellefson) – drums

Produced by Cristiano Filippini
Mixed by Matias Kupiainen (Stratovarius) at 5by5 Studios, Finland
Mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox-Studios, Finland

Streaming/Download HERE
Order the album HERE

Enjoy the second official trailer from the album!!!!

New SANDSTONE video „King Of Cipher“ available.

SANDSTONE have shot a video for their song „King Of Cipher“, taken from their latest release ‚Delta Viridian‘.

The video, directed by Theo and Jana Grossmannová, was filmed on location on their native turf on the coast of Ireland.


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SANDSTONE – Delta Viridian

With this, their fourth album, SANDSTONE give the fans a perfectly prepared album which will make not only fans of progged metal structures happy, but also those who prefer fisty, hard compositions. The cleverly designed mixture of Power and Progressive elements with a large dose of melody attract comparison with the greats of the scene, such as Fates Warning, Queensryche, Pagan’s Mind, Symphony X or Vanden Plas and also convinced Tim „Ripper“ Owens to add some guestvocals!


  •  01. Cat’s Cradle / 1:34
  •  02. Almost Grateful / 7:02
  •  03. King Of Cipher / 5:07
  •  04. Winter / 5:29
  •  05. Red Mist / 6:52
  •  06. Cartesia / 4:36
  •  07. Promise Me / 3:38
  •  08. Monument / 6:20
  •  09. Beneath The Scars / 4:19
  •  10. Fortress / 5:12
  •  11. Transgression / 5:17
  •  12. Vitruvian Man / 9:13

Total playing time 64:34


  • Third album with clear focus on the music, and a clear talent for melodies.
  • Varied mix of power metal, progressive rock and melodic metal. Characterized by superb melodies and powerful guitars.
  • Guestvocals by Tim „Ripper“ Owens.
  • For fans of Pagan’s Mind, Symphony X, Queensryche, old style Fates Warning.
  • Excellent reviews for their previous three releases.
  • European tour with ex-Judas Priest singer Tim „Ripper“ Owens.
07. June 2013
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EXCALION – High Time

A versatile mixture of classic Progressive Metal elements, intoxicating melodies plus a decent heaviness. Stylistically, the band hovers between Sonata Arctica, Nocturnal Rites, Stratovarius, Lovex and Thunderstone, without losing any of its own musical identity. „High Time“ won’t disappoint any fan digging classy melodic songs with some progressive elements.


  •  01. Enter A Life / 4:07
  •  02. From Somewhere To Anywhere / 3:48
  •  03. Sun Stones / 4:52
  •  04. The Flags In Line / 6:16
  •  05. Bring On The Storm / 4:51
  •  06. The Shroud / 4:35
  •  07. Firewood / 4:44
  •  08. Lifetime / 3:33
  •  09. Quicksilver / 4:10
  •  10. A Walk On A Broken  Road / 5:11
  •  11. Foreversong / 4:05

Total playing time 48:23


  • excellent timeless mixture of Melodic, Power, and Progressive Metal
  • for fans of Sonata Arctica, Nocturnal Rites, Stratovarius, Thunderstone, and Lovex
  • the second album „Waterlines“ got extremely positive reviews by international media
29. Jan 2010
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