And finally here we are!

This is the first single and videoclip taken from the upcoming album “The Force Within” out on November 20th.

“We Fight For Eternity” is a power metal song full of symphonic epic arrangements and catchy melodies! Are you brave enough to join the angels army to fight evil spells and dangerous witches? Are you smart enough to distinguish good from evil trough flashbacks and time travels? – If the answer is yes… – just play it!

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Cristiano Filippini – lead & rhythm guitars, keyboards, arrangements, orchestrations
Michele Vioni – lead & rhythm guitars, acoustic guitars
Marco Pastorino – lead & backing vocals
Giorgio Terenziani – bass
Paolo Caridi – drums


In dark times, epic music is needed to get people in a positive mood again. On the surface, “The Force Within” belongs to the genre of Epic Symphonic Power Metal, yet there is more behind Cristiano Filippini’s Flames of Heaven than just trying to deliver a strong all-star album. This project brings together the most talented group of Italian metal musicians to deliver a creative powerhouse album. The ideas of composer, producer, and guitarist Cristiano Filippini have developed into a real spectacle, which will win over fans of the genre in no time.

Even though the genre is often called kitschy, “The Force Within” is anything but that. The production is superb, the compositions elaborated to the smallest detail. The melodies are catchy and the vocals with the expressive voice are brilliant. The guitar work is simply awesome. The album shows a band with great technical prowess and a versatility of switching between voluminous and razor sharp, delivering songs which take you on a great musical journey. It is interesting, by the way, that the orchestral parts are used very efficiently and at the same time discreetly, rounding off the pieces to perfection.

20. November 2020
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