We just received the sad message that Francesco Masini, bass player of FLASHBACK OF ANGER, lost his battle with cancer on June 18th. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of a man gone way too early.

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ROXXCALIBUR to play KIT Festival in 2012


After the huge success of the NWOBHM-Anniversary Show at KEEP IT TRUE Festival 2009, where numerous original singers of the NWOBHM have shared the stage with ROXXCALIBUR  (e.g. Enid Williams (Girlschool), Brian Ross (Satan/Blitzkrieg), Dave Hill (Demon) and many more), there will be another NWOBHM Anniversary Show at KEEP IT TRUE Festival 2012.


The NWOBHM-Anniversary Show at KIT 2009 brought not only a second spring to the NWOBHM and its bands, but it also established the then-newcomers ROXXCALIBUR with their debut album „NWOBHM For Muthas“ on the metal scene. For their dedication to the NWOBHM and its original bands, ROXXCALIBUR are highly respected ever since. … read all

ROXXCALIBUR: Release date set for new album „Lords Of The NWOBHM“


The long-awaited, second album from Roxxcalibur, „Lords Of The NWOBHM“ is already causing something of a stir. Even only months after the release of their debut album, „NWOBHM For Muthas“ (April 2009) the fans were demanding another dose in the form of a CD. But the „Keepers of the Grail of NWOBHM“ weren’t prepared to rush things. „To pick the right songs which also suit us as musicians, from a pool of first-class NWOBHM pearls, needs just as much time as it does to write our own songs“, explains singer Alexx Stahl. The band had planned to demonstrate an even wider view and more extreme selection of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal on „Lords Of The NWOBHM“ than they did on their debut. „The finished CD shouldn’t just sound like the output of a coverband but should be as though it had come from one balanced mould.“.

… read all

BLACK MAJESTY to support Blind Guardian

Black Majesty will support Germany’s Blind Guardian on both of their upcoming  Australian tour dates. Australia’s Eyefear will also be on the bill making both shows a huge bill of Power Metal.


Friday 30th September 2011 – The Factory Theatre (All Ages), Sydney, Australia


Sunday 2nd October 2011 – Bilboard, Melbourne, Australia



Roxxcalibur are bringing songs from such cult names as MORE, SATAN, CRYER, QUARTZ, OXYM, SPARTA, SARACEN, TOKYO BLADE, BLOOD MONEY, HOLLOW GROUND, WITCHFYNDE, but also VENOM, SAXON and TYGERS OF PAN TANG back to the daily listening habits of the new millennium. Co-produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen, Thin Lizzy etc.).


  •  01. London Bridge Is Falling Down – (Intro) / 0:14
  •  02. Atomic Rock – Original by MORE 1981 / 3:49
  •  03. Heads Will Roll – Original by SATAN 1982 / 3:21
  •  04. Flying High – Original by HOLLOW GROUND 1981 / 3:00
  •  05. Day To Day – Original by CRYER 1980 / 3:16
  •  06. If Heaven Is Hell – Original by TOKYO BLADE 1983 / 6:01
  •  07. Lift Up Your Eyes – Original by SAXON (unfinished) / 5:22
  •  08. Satan’s Serenade – Original by QUARTZ 1980 / 4:42
  •  09. Hellbound – Original by TYGERS OF PAN TANG 1981 / 3:37
  •  10. Music Power – Original by OXYM 1980 / 5:45
  •  11. Angel Of Death – Original by SPARTA 1981 / 5:44
  •  12. A Face In The Crowd – Original by SARACEN 1981 / 3:59
  •  13. Battlescarred – Original by BLOOD MONEY 1987 / 5:17
  •  14. Stage Fright – Original by WITCHFYNDE 1980 / 5:16
  •  15. At War With Satan (Preview) – Original by VENOM 1982/ 2:13

Total Playing Time 60:40

  • Co-produced by Chris Tsangarides (Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Yngwie Malmsteen, Thin Lizzy etc.)
  • 15 Tracks incl. the unreleased and never completed Saxon Song „Lift Up Your Eyes“
  • Liner notes by John Tucker (author of Suzie Smiled and Biff Byford’s Biographie) and others
  • Cover artwork by Rodney Matthews (Praying Mantis, Magnum, Tygers Of Pan Tang etc.)
  • First edition in slipcase with bonus DVD, poster and sticker
  • Members of Savage Grace, Griffin, Thunder Rider, Abandoned
20. May 2011
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BLACK MAJESTY featured on Guitar gods and Masterpieces TV show

Black Majesty guitarist’s Hanny and Stevie were recently featured on Australia’s Guitar Gods & Masterpieces TV Show show. Checkout the following links for solo exerpts from the song Far Beyond and Dragon Reborn here and here.

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MAGIC KINGDOM – Symphony Of War


„Symphony Of War“ appears like a soundtrack for a blockbuster history movie and will attract fans of Malmsteen or Rhapsody of Fire. The sound is influenced by classical music, filigree riffing, big choirs and mighty melodies, notwithstanding first-class Metal attacks and a well-balanced heaviness. Limited double CD in deluxe slipcase includes two bonus tracks, video clip, interview with the band, wallpapers, poster & sticker!
LMPL 1010-125 Ltd. 2CD


  •  01. Symphony Of War / 5:28
  •  02. We Rise / 5:38
  •  03. Million Sinners World / 6:06
  •  04. Evil Magician / 8:13
  •  05. In The Name Of Heathen Gods / 3:47
  •  06. Monte Cristo / 3:51
  •  07. I’m A Lionheart / 5:05
  •  08. Unholy Abyss / 4:15
  • 09. Metallic Tragedy – Chapter 2: The Holy Pentalogy / 29:06
    •  I. Through The Sea Of Ice / Quest For The Holy Light (0:00 – 5:24)
    •  II. Before The Apocalypse / War Of The Black Angels (5:24 – 16:27)
    •  III. At The Gates Of The Last Mystic Dragon Land (16:27 – 19:27)
    •  IV. Resurrection Of The Wizard / With The Gods Of Egypt On Our Side (19:27 – 22:28)
    •  V. Tournament Of Hell (22:28 – 29:06)

Total playing time 71:26


  • Fantastic Symphonic Power Metal with deep, mighty, catchy choruses!
  • For fans of Malmsteen, Rhapsody of Fire and similar bands
  • Vocalist Olaf Hayer is known for his work with Luca Turilli, Dionysus, Symphonity to name just a few
  • One of Europe’s best Symphonic Power Metal outfits with an international line-up
  • The straight, hard and hefty mix was done by Uwe Lulis (Rebellion, ex-Grave Digger)
  • Cleverly arranged story with great artwork by Leo Hao (Iced Earth, Blind Guardian, among others)
  • Ltd. 2CD in slipcase incl. 2 bonus tracks, videoclip (We Rise), interview, wallpapers, poster & sticker
29. Oct 2010
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„Out For Blood“ is a technically complex, finely interpreted Melodic Power metal album. From start to finish, the eleven songs impress the listener with the explosive guitar work and hugely powerful choruses with great unforgetability factors, which not even the Scandinavian kings of metal were able to write in their heyday. It’s positive metal power in every note!

  •  01. Face Of Evil / 3:41
  •  02. Out For Blood / 4:02
  •  03. Guilty 3:41
  •  04. Blood From Stone / 3:53
  •  05. Name Remains In History / 4:00
  •  06. The Fortuneteller / 5:06
  •  07. Lost In Time / 3:57
  •  08. Sentenced To Life (In Paradise) / 3:49
  •  09. Mask Of Madness / 4:56
  •  10. Eternal Damnation / 4:31
  •  11. Send Me An Angel (Blackfoot Cover) / 4:43

Total Playing Time 46:19

  • Pete Ahonen, Burning Point singer & guitar player, with the sophomore album of his second band
  • Fantastic Neo-Classical Power Metal with unforgettable, powerful choruses!
  • All band members can look back on extensive musical experience in various Finnish bands.
  • For fans of Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Thunderstone, Altaria, etc…
  • Worldwide tremendous reviews for their debut album „Haunting Remains“.
  • Cover artwork by Rainer Kalwitz (Metal Church, Shadow Gallery, Praying Mantis, etc.)
27. Aug 2010
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