SANDSTONE – Tides Of Opinion
Remixed Digital Re-Release

Since forming in 2003, SANDSTONE have been a favourite on the Northern Ireland pub and festival circuit, building a solid fan base. Known for their high energy and tight performances, the band have already toured the mainland on the back of this reputation. From Power Ballads to Prog Rock Epics, the band comprise of accomplished musicians with a maturity that flows with ease.
Following the success of their debut EP “Life Giving Sun” the band hit the road, winning the top prize at the Hammersmith battle of the bands along the way, and writing constantly, putting the final touches to the material that would make up their first full album ‘Tides of Opinion’, a slice of classic style hard-rock executed with confidence and power.

Enjoy this fully remixed and remastered piece of history, which is now available as digital download and includes three previously unreleased tracks.


    •  01. America / 5:34
    •  02. Atrophy / 3:57
    •  03. Building Castles / 3:42
    •  04. Just Forget / 5:32
    •  05. Unbroken / 4:39
    •  06. Nothing New / 3:55
    •  07. Nemesii / 5:29
    •  08. Sometime Soon / 5:32
    •  09. The Fall / 3:32
    •  10. Couldabeen / 6:30
    •  11. Children Of The Jihad / 6:40
    •  12. So Pretty / 5:00
    •  13. Renegade (Bonus Track) / 4:03
    •  14. On Fire (Bonus Track) / 4:37
    •  15. Traffic (Bonus Track) / 6:27

    Total playing time 1:14:59

    Video Album Trailer


    • Re-Release of the thought after debut album.
    • Remixed and remastered.
    • Including three previously unreleased tracks.
27. April 2018
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In the last ten years Finland has risen to become one of the world’s most potent suppliers of Heavy Metal. The number of bands without whom the scene would simply be unimaginable is enormous, and anyone who thinks that the country comprises solely of reindeer, snow and the taiga is definitely missing something. Despite Finland’s huge size, the music scene is closely linked and musicians from a number of different styles continue to get together to form new, interesting bands. ASTRALION is no exception. The band, christened in a pub in southern Finland five years ago, have now advanced so much that they are now releasing their second album, “Outlaw”. ASTRALION plays hard-hitting, melodic Power Metal, marked by needle-sharp guitar parts, huge keyboard melodies, lovely clear vocals and choruses which you can just imagine being sung by masses of fans. The band’s motto says it all: Forget the dragon, forget the sword – here’s true power from the chord!

Bands such as Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, early Blind Guardian and Yngwie Malmsteen are the most noticeable influences of ASTRALION’s sound. That means broad choruses, voluminous melodies, racing guitar attacks as well as subtle neo-progged 6-string interludes. Whilst the album’s opener “Deathphone” is a steeply driven, whiplike hymne, “Black Adder” and “The Outlaw” are pure, melodic Speed Metal hammers to set the adrenalin flowing. “The Great Place Of The Sea” is a 10 minute long opus which reminds the listener somewhat of Alestorm, whilst “Sacrificed & Immortalized” stamps forwards with thrilling Malmsteenic solo parts. With “Wastelands Of Ice” the band recorded a semi-ballad in the style of the album’s predecessor’s track, “At The Edge Of The World” and as a song with a great melody will certainly be recognised as such.

“Outlaw” has all the ingredients to make the discerning heavy metal fan smile with satisfaction.


  •  01. Deathphone (Final Destination)/ 6:09
  •  02. Black Adder / 4:37
  •  03. Sacrificed & Immortalized / 7:20
  •  04. Be Careful What You Wish For / 5:49
  •  05. Nightmares Never Give Up / 4:56
  •  06. Wastelands Of Ice / 4:30
  •  07. The Outlaw / 4:43
  •  08. Ghosts Of Sahara / 5:00
  •  09. Heading West / 5:36
  •  10. The Great Palace Of The Sea / 10:01

Total playing time 58:41


Video Album Trailer


  • Finnish band oriented in the style of groups such as Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Hammerfall, Stratovarius and early Blind Guardian.
  • Each musician can look back on many years of experience in bands such as Olympos Mons, The Addication and HumanGod.
  • Convincing, excellently produced melodic Power Metal with massive hymnal effects.
  • Established band in Finland with huge live experience.
13. May 2016
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HEAVENS GATE – Best For Sale!

From their first days in 1987 until their break in 1999, HEAVENS GATE were among the top representatives of German Heavy Metal. They had a large fan community, especially in Japan, and their albums are in high demand until today… Which justifies some special release, of course – ‘Best For Sale!’ is a perfect choice for the newbie and the stalwart longtime fan. Let’s take a trip down memory lane and recap the development of the band.

16 years after one of the best German Heavy Metal bands was heard of last, ‘Best For Sale!’ offers a great compendium of the quintet’s creative years. No doubt they have left their mark, and their albums are still in high demand. HEAVENS GATE were an integral part of the German Heavy Metal scene, and ‘Best For Sale!’ epitomises their unique sound: be it fast smashers or classic ballads – the boys deliver them with their impressive and distinctive style. Enjoy ‘Best For Sale!’ either as an introduction to the HEAVENS GATE catalogue or as a great essential legacy.

The first pressing will come in a slipcase containing a sticker plus 36x36cm poster.


  •  01. In Control / 5:09
  •  02. Surrender / 4:01
  •  03. Tyrants / 4:22
  •  04. Path Of Glory / 4:16
  •  05. Livin’ In Hysteria/ 4:37
  •  06. The Neverending Fire / 4:32
  •  07. Flashes / 3:23
  •  08. Best Days Of My Life / 5:53
  •  09. Gate Of Heaven / 4:36
  •  10. Under Fire / 3:39
  •  11. White Evil / 5:00
  •  12. Rising Sun / 3:31
  •  13. He’s The Man / 4:19
  •  14. Planet Earth / 4:16
  •  15. The Edge / 3:33
  •  16. Noah’s Dream / 10:08
  •  17. Mastermind / 4:05

Total playing time 79:13


  • In the 1990’s, HEAVENS GATE were among the most successful and most exciting German Metal bands.
  • Immense success in Japan.
  • Back catalogue is in high demand.
  • This 17 song “Best Of” compilation features superb remastered material from all of their full-length albums.
  • Three bonus tracks for Digital Download and Streaming.
  • Guitarist Sascha Paeth has become a renowned producer.
10. July 2015
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ASTRALION – Astralion

The fact that ASTRALION comprises of former members of bands such as Olympos Mons, The Addication and HumanGod has the advantage that we have experienced musicians with a firm and clear target ahead of them. The musical direction of the Finns was influenced by bands such as Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Hammerfall, Stratovarius, early Blind Guardian and Y. Malmsteen. In a nutshell then we are talking about broad choruses, voluminous melodies, galloping guitar attacks as well as tactful, neo-progged 6-string inserts. Speed is an important characteristic of ASTRALION’s style, similar to early Sonata Arctica work but with higher melodic content. Yet on the other hand you cannot miss a touch of Teutonic-Metal a la Helloween. The motto of the band is very apt: “Forget the dragon, forget the sword, here’s true power from the chord!”


  •  01. Mysterious & Victorious / 5:22
  •  02. The Oracle / 5:34
  •  03. At The Edge Of The World / 4:11
  •  04. When Death Comes Knocking / 4:32
  •  05. We All Made Metal / 5:41
  •  06. Black Sails / 5:36
  •  07. To Isolde / 5:25
  •  08. Computerized Love / 5:26
  •  09. Mary (Bloody) / 6:05
  •  10. Five Fallen Angels / 5:14
  •  11. Last Man On Deck / 13:15

Total playing time 66:21

Video Album Trailer


Videoclip “At The Edge Of The World”


Videoclip “We All Made Metal”


  • Finnish band oriented stylistically towards bands such as Sonata Arctica, Thunderstone, Hammerfall, Stratovarius and early Blind Guardian.
  • All the musicians can look back on year-long experience with bands such as Olympos Mons, The Addication und HumanGod.
  • Expressive melodic Power Metal Hymns.
14. November 2014
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LUCID DREAMING – The Chronicles Pt. I

Concept album by Elvenpath guitarist Till Oberboßel feat. Alexx Stahl (Roxxcalibur), Jutta Weinhold (ex-Zed Yago, Jutta Weinhold Band), Thassilo Herbert (Dragonsfire) and Leo Stivala (Forsaken) on vocals, Michael Petrick (Synchronic) and Oliver Rossow (Elvenpath) on guitars. LUCID DREAMING do not blow up their sound with over-produced keyboards and also do not care for thousands of effects – they simply limit themselves to the classic structures of Power Metal: guitars, bass, drums, plus driving rhythms. That distinguishes them from their competitors like Ayreon, Avantasia, or Missa Mercuria.


  •  01. Introduction / 1:01
  •  02. Motherless Child / 7:38
  •  03. The Quest For The White Pig / 6:44
  •  04. Side By Side / 7:25
  •  05. To Caer Dathyl / 11:34
  •  06. Swords For Prydain / 8:04
  •  07. Land Of Darkness / 6:10
  •  08. Where Evil Rides / 7:01
  •  09. The Price / 7:53
  •  10. No Turning Back / 6:40
  •  11. Farewell / 6:03

Total playing time 76:07


  • Concept album in the style of Avantasia, Ayreon, Missa Mercuria.
  • Explicitly less keyboards, considerably more classic Power Metal guitars
  • Many popular Metal artists are involved, such as: Alexx Stahl (Roxxcalibur), Chris Marino (Scarlatyna), Jutta Weinhold (ex-Zed Yago, Jutta Weinhold Band), etc…
  • Unique, one-of-a-kind style featuring subtle folkloristic elements.
02. August 2013
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‘Calling The Gods’ lives by its great compositions masterly combined with finger-cracking riffs, profound melodies and illustrious vocals by Chitral “Chity” Somapala (Red Circuit, Ex-Firewind). The album includes three bonus tracks and a video-clip: “The Land In Flames”. Produced by Markus Teske (Vanden Plas, Mob Rules, Red Circuit…).


  •  01. Aazis / 0:45
  •  02. Calling The Gods / 3:26
  •  03. The Land In Flames / 3:47
  •  04. Archangel/ 4:11
  •  05. Evil Eye / 4:44
  •  06. Hell Awaiting / 3:50
  •  07. True Believer / 3:40
  •  08. Reunite / 3:31
  •  09. The Supernatural Virtue / 3:28
  •  10. New World / 4:23
  •  11. Spirit In The Wind (Bonus Track) / 3:41
  •  12. Believing The Dream (Bonus Track) / 2:58
  •  13. Dreams Of Fire (We Unite As One) (Bonus Track) / 3:23

Total playing time 45:52


  • Second album of the international Melodic Power Metal Band.
  • Excellent musicians of international reputation (RED CIRCUIT, FIREWIND, POWER QUEST, FARO, HEAVENLY, SECRET SPHERE, AVALON…).
  • Versatile live experience.
  • Produced by Markus Teske (VANDEN PLAS, SYMPHONY X, MOB RULES, RED CIRCUIT…).
16. November 2012
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Superb Power Metal with lots of melodies, finely spun prog elements and a huge portion of sheer joy and unbroken enthusiasm are the chief characteristics of “Stargazer”. Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween) has again given the album a transparent, crystal clear mix, which even manages to enhance the great hymns by the Australians. Artwork by Dirk Illing (Scorpions, etc.)


  •  01. Falling / 4:40
  •  02. Lost Horizon / 4:31
  •  03. Voice Of Change / 4:29
  •  04. Killing Hand / 4:22
  •  05. Journey To The Soul / 4:35
  •  06. Holy Killers / 5:10
  •  07. Symphony Of Death / 5:37
  •  08. Edge Of The World / 4:19
  •  09. Stargazer / 6:41
  •  10. Shine (bonus track) / 4:12

Total playing time 48:30


  • Australia’s premiere Melodic Power Metal act!
  • Diversified mixture of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Hammerfall, and Helloween.
  • Great reviews of their previous releases.
  • Album mixed and mastered by Roland Grapow (Masterplan, ex-Helloween).
  • Live Shows with Edguy, Blind Guardian, Hammerfall, Dragonforce, Saxon, Nevermore, Paul DiAnno, etc. and performances at the Wacken Open-Air Festival.
  • Cover artwork by Dirk Illing (Scorpions, etc.).
20. July 2012
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GHOST MACHINERY tribute-single with special quests online

Finnish heavy metal messenger Ghost Machinery pay tribute to two great Finnish traditional heavy metal bands that have been paving the way to modern day melodic metal. From the northern part of Finland comes Zero Nine with 25 years of hard rocking and 10 albums under their belt. In southern Finland Ironcross was founded in 1976 and the band recorded 3 stunning albums that have not had the publicity they should have had.

The super-catchy Zero Nine song called “Never Stop Runnin'” can be found on the ‘White Lines’ album. On this one the special quest is an original member from Zero Nine, guitarist Timo Käsmä who plays one hell of a solo on this tribute.
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