PRYDAIN – The Gates Of Aramore

Release date: June 2, 2023


Austin Dixon, former guitarist and founding member of US power metallers Sonic Prophecy, is fulfilling a lifelong dream with Prydain. He has always been fascinated by the idea of artist projects such as the albums by Avantasia, the Aina rock opera „Days of Rising Doom“ or Arjen Lucassen’s „Star One“. Thanks to the support of Greek multi-talent Bob Katsionis, Austin’s compositions were put into practice with great musicians.


The music teacher hailing from Farr West, north of Salt Lake City in the state of Utah, has developed the song ideas for Prydain over several years. The path he has taken is amazing because in his part of the world, it has never been easy to find like-minded power metal lovers.


„The Gates of Aramore“ is an epitome of Epic Power Metal: vibrating guitar duels, virtuoso keyboard parts, awesome vocals, driving grooves, catchy melodies – and a storyline consisting of an ancient kingdom beyond space and time.


With „The Gates of Aramore“, Austin Dixon and his comrades-in-arms have succeeded in creating some work that once again puts Utah on the map of epic power metal, certainly not for the last time …


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Jun 2, 2023
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