ROXXCALIBUR to play KIT Festival in 2012


After the huge success of the NWOBHM-Anniversary Show at KEEP IT TRUE Festival 2009, where numerous original singers of the NWOBHM have shared the stage with ROXXCALIBUR  (e.g. Enid Williams (Girlschool), Brian Ross (Satan/Blitzkrieg), Dave Hill (Demon) and many more), there will be another NWOBHM Anniversary Show at KEEP IT TRUE Festival 2012.


The NWOBHM-Anniversary Show at KIT 2009 brought not only a second spring to the NWOBHM and its bands, but it also established the then-newcomers ROXXCALIBUR with their debut album „NWOBHM For Muthas“ on the metal scene. For their dedication to the NWOBHM and its original bands, ROXXCALIBUR are highly respected ever since.


So it’s only logical that ROXXCALIBUR will play again at  KEEP IT TRUE Festival on 27./28. April 2012 in Lauda-Königshofen, when the second part of the NWOBHM Anniverary Show will take place.  Like 2009, there will be many original singers of NWOBHM bands joining ROXXCALIBUR on stage again.


ROXXCALIBUR live at KIT Festival 2012 (NWOBHM Anniversary Show)
27./28. April 2012


Check out the video for „Satan’s Serenade“ (originally by Quartz) from their latest album on   YouTube.

Jun 1, 2011
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