ROXXCALIBUR: Release date set for new album „Lords Of The NWOBHM“


The long-awaited, second album from Roxxcalibur, „Lords Of The NWOBHM“ is already causing something of a stir. Even only months after the release of their debut album, „NWOBHM For Muthas“ (April 2009) the fans were demanding another dose in the form of a CD. But the „Keepers of the Grail of NWOBHM“ weren’t prepared to rush things. „To pick the right songs which also suit us as musicians, from a pool of first-class NWOBHM pearls, needs just as much time as it does to write our own songs“, explains singer Alexx Stahl. The band had planned to demonstrate an even wider view and more extreme selection of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal on „Lords Of The NWOBHM“ than they did on their debut. „The finished CD shouldn’t just sound like the output of a coverband but should be as though it had come from one balanced mould.“.


It took until August 2010 for Roxxcalibur to make their final selection and they can now present a surprisingly varied album uniting all facets of NWOBHM, with songs ranging from melodic Hardrock to Thrash Metal. For insiders the CD is like the product of a tribute band with numerous unknown, rare or long-forgotten diamonds of the breed. The statement „I prefer the original version“ is even less plausible for „Lords Of The NWOBHM“ than it would have been for the band’s first album, especially since the value of the albums from which the songs were taken would – even if they could be hunted down today – easily pay for a family car. And it is quite astounding how many fantastic, quality songs were, for various reasons, left behind during the roller-coaster ride, which was the NWOBHM era.


„Lords Of The NWOBHM“ was co-produced by no lesser mortal than Chris Tsangarides. Beside million-sellers such as Judas Priest („Painkiller“, „Sad Wings of Destiny“), Gary Moore, Black Sabbath and Thin Lizzy, Chris was also responsible for a long list of NWOBHM classics, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Quartz, Prowler (on the „Brute Force“ compilation) and Tokyo Blade to name just a few. He gave the CD his own organic, warm and impressive 1980s metal sound, which can only be described as timeless. He enjoyed the trip back in time, as can be seen in the studio report included with the bonus DVD, which is included in the first edition pack. The DVD includes numerous Roxxcalibur live tracks, as well as videos from Savage Grace and Thunder Rider, who, with their original vocalists Kalli, Roger Dequis, Mario Lang and Neudi went on tour together. In addition the DVD includes a feature about the now legendary „NWOBHM Anniversary Show“ at the Keep It True Festival 2009, with scenes from the rehearsals with the original musicians.


Besides the bonus DVD, the first edition of the CD includes a poster and a sticker honouring Rodney Matthews‘ painted cover artwork, „The Dragon Lord“, detailled liner notes about the individual tracks, some written by members of the bands who originally recorded the songs, as well as an article by John Tucker (the author of several NWOBHM books) and numerous photos.


At the moment the band is preparing for its appearance at the Keep It True Festival 2011. They will be appearing as Griffin, another US metal legend, together with original vocalist Rodrick McKay. After the festival the five lads will again be concentrating on Roxxcalibur and on presenting „Lords Of The NWOBHM“ live – and everyone who has ever seen the band live will know that their stage shows are something not to be missed.

  • 01. London Bridge Is Falling Down – (Intro) / 0:14
  • 02. Atomic Rock – Original by MORE 1981 / 3:49
  • 03. Heads Will Roll – Original by SATAN 1982 / 3:21
  • 04. Flying High – Original by HOLLOW GROUND 1981 / 3:00
  • 05. Day To Day – Original by CRYER 1980 / 3:16
  • 06. If Heaven Is Hell – Original by TOKYO BLADE 1983 / 6:01
  • 07. Lift Up Your Eyes – Original by SAXON (unfinished) / 5:22
  • 08. Satan’s Serenade – Original by QUARTZ 1980 / 4:42
  • 09. Hellbound – Original by TYGERS OF PAN TANG 1981 / 3:37
  • 10. Music Power – Original by OXYM 1980 / 5:45
  • 11. Angel Of Death – Original by SPARTA 1981 / 5:44
  • 12. A Face In The Crowd – Original by SARACEN 1981 / 3:59
  • 13. Battlescarred – Original by BLOOD MONEY 1987 / 5:17
  • 14. Stage Fright – Original by WITCHFYNDE 1980 / 5:16
  • 15. At War With Satan (Preview) – Original by VENOM 1982/ 2:13

Total Playing Time 60:40

Mai 24, 2011
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