FIREWÖLFE – video for the song „FireWölfe“ out now!

Check out the new lyric video for the song „FireWölfe“ out today and get the brand new remastered repackaged version of the debut album out now on Limb Music!

The song „FireWölfe“ from the bands debut album was a killer combination of single note guitar riffs, spooky clean guitar chords and ominous lyrics about a sleepy, snowy town and a monster called „the FireWölfe.“

This song became a fan favorite and demonstrates many of the strengths of the band, including the aforementioned riffs and lyrics, but also the catchy and powerful chorus – „there’s no escaping from the FireWölfe!“

The song also features a great performance on drums by Jay Schellen (Asia, Yes, Hurricane) and a killer guitar solo section split by Nick Layton (Q5, Reign Of Glory) and Paul Kleff (Reverence, Metal Church). In addition, original vocalist David Fefolt (Angels of Babylon, Masi, Hawk, Valhalla) turns in one of his best vocal performances on the album.

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FireWölfe – „Air Attack“ video out now!

„Air Attack“ was the first song FireWölfe wrote together. The original song idea came from guitarist Paul Kleff and the simple, straight forward approach of the song was the perfect vehicle for David Fefolt to craft his lyrics and melodies around. We thought it would make a great opening track for the album because of it’s intense, heavy grooves and simple song structure. Lyrically the song is literally about being in an „air attack“ in war times. As such we thought it would be cool to have some sound effects of air planes and some wartime explosions and gunfire as well. Paul Kleff also plays the super melodic solo on this track. „Air Attack“ is always mentioned as a fan favorite, and we wanted to do a cool video featuring World War II era fighter planes for the „Reloaded“ release of the debut album. Check it out!

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