SYMPHONITY announce their European Tour 2023 supporting Rhapsody Of Fire and performing their new album „Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“.

14/04/23 GER Leipzig, Hellraiser
15/04/23 DK Roskilde, Gimle
16/04/23 GER Hamburg, Logo
18/04/23 PL Lublin, Studio Im. Budki Suflera
19/04/23 PL Warsaw, Proxima
20/04/23 AT Vienna, Viper Room
21/04/23 CZ Zlín, Masters of Rock Café
22/04/23 IT San Dona, Revolver
23/04/23 IT Milano, Legend Club

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It’s been a long time since MEMORIES OF OLD have been able to invite you on a lyrical journey with them, but with their new single ‚Guardians Of The Kingdom‘ on the horizon, they weren’t gonna miss this opportunity.
What mysteries will be uncovered on October 28th when the track finally releases? Or perhaps we may learn some more before then… 👀

Don’t forget to pre-order your exclusive Guardians of the Kingdom T-Shirt, they are only on sale until release day and won’t be printed again! Plus, there is still 50% off on all other merch in that time 😉
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MEMORIES OF OLD fan community on Discord


MEMORIES OF OLD would like to invite you to join their fan community on Discord. Here is a message from the band themselves to explain:

„If there is one thing we absolutely love, it’s having a real sense of community with our fans, and for a long time now our Discord server has been at the heart of that. It’s a great place to come and meet likeminded fans, make new friends, and chat with us!

Not to mention with the way social media content goes these days and with people sometimes missing posts and announcements, it’s also a good way to keep up to date with all of our activity as it happens, with the knowledge that you’ll never miss a thing 🤘“

Click here to join Discord.

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To celebrate the upcoming release of the new MEMORIES OF OLD single, „Guardians of the Kingdom“, between now and October 28th, you have the option to pre-order this exclusive T-Shirt design featuring the cover art of the single.
This will be a one time only print run, so now is the time to grab one, once the pre-order closes it won’t be available again!!

On top of that, the band are also running a massive 50% OFF sale on all the rest of the merch they have in stock, so if you didn’t get around to grabbing a copy of the first album or one of the other T-Shirt designs (or maybe you want another one??), there’s no better time to grab one!!

Click here for pre-order.

Please note, all orders that include the Guardians T-Shirt will start shipping as soon as printing is done!

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MEMORIES OF OLD announce new single!

Today MEMORIES OF OLD announce that their new single ‚Guardians of the Kingdom‘ will be released on October 28th via all your favourite streaming platforms!

The wait since ‚The Zeramin Game‘ has been a long one for everyone, and the band are very eager to usher in this new era by finally bringing you some new music to enjoy!

Artwork by Lekshmi Bose.

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A NEW ERA – MEMORIES OF OLD announce new singer !

It gives us great pleasure to be able to introduce you MEMORIES OF OLD’s new singer, so please give a very warm welcome to the new voice of the band, JAMIE JORDAN.

And if you would like to see a totally factual video (honestly..) of how it all came to pass, then look no further.

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Greetings MEMORIES OF OLD community!

Today we have an important update to share with you.

Regretfully we must announce that the time has come for our epic and majestic singer Tommy to step away from MEMORIES OF OLD, in order to better focus his time into his many other endeavours and to allow the band to fully flourish in the new era we are embarking upon.

In Tommy’s very own words:
„Hello dear MEMORIES OF OLD followers!

After talking to Billy we came to the arrival of a conclusion that my chapter in MEMORIES OF OLD unfortunately had to come to an end.

It’s a decision that came from both of us.

MEMORIES OF OLD is a rising star on the Power Metal sky beyond the Land of Xia and since I have both Sabaton, Majestica, my YouTube channel and a life outside music I just can’t give them the time they deserve to become an even more successful band.

We would just be hiding in Zera’s Shadow waiting for me to have more time, and that’s not fair.

It wasn’t my destiny to carry the torch across the sea with this glorious Power Metal band. But who knows, some day soon we might be working together again and that would be a privilege.

I am forever grateful I got to be a part of the story and joining in from the start of this journey together with Billy and the others on ”The Zeramin Game” and I have found a friend in time and a brother in Metal with Billy and I will continue to listen to MEMORIES OF OLD and support the band in every way.

Thanks for the time in MEMORIES OF OLD and thanks to all you fantastic MEMORIES OF OLD fans who have supported this band all the way from the start!

Your hooded traveller / Tommy“


The winds of change may blow strong today, but fear not, for they usher in the dawn of an exciting new horizon, and we can’t wait to bring you the very first chapter of this tale in the coming days 🤘

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SYMPHONITY release new single!

We are proud to announce today’s release of the first digital single from SYMPHONITY’s upcoming album „Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“. The song is called „Marco Polo Part 3: The Plague“ and it is now available on all digital platforms worldwide.

The song is a powerful speedy hymn with strong melody line in chorus. It begins with the mighty sound of Armenian Duduk (ancient Armenian wood instrument) and it is one of the fastest songs on the album.

Except of the swift guitar solo, you can hear the solo part on another special instrument – Turkish violin. The whole song is very heavy, probably much heavier than most of other SYMPHONITY’s songs. It relates to the plague which the whole Marco Polo expedition experienced in the town of Hormuz.

Beam me up Scotty!