To celebrate the upcoming release of the new MEMORIES OF OLD single, „Guardians of the Kingdom“, between now and October 28th, you have the option to pre-order this exclusive T-Shirt design featuring the cover art of the single.
This will be a one time only print run, so now is the time to grab one, once the pre-order closes it won’t be available again!!

On top of that, the band are also running a massive 50% OFF sale on all the rest of the merch they have in stock, so if you didn’t get around to grabbing a copy of the first album or one of the other T-Shirt designs (or maybe you want another one??), there’s no better time to grab one!!

Click here for pre-order.

Please note, all orders that include the Guardians T-Shirt will start shipping as soon as printing is done!

Click here for audio samples, videos and online stores/streaming platforms.

Beam me up Scotty!