SKYLINER – Condition Black

Jacksonville in Florida’s north-east shouldn’t be condemned just because Limp Bizkit hails from there. Jacksonville has more to offer. SKYLINER, for example, who appeared on the metal scene two years ago with their excellent album, “Outsiders” and who immediately made their mark on the genre with their musical brew of Power and Prog Metal elements. The Americans sounded distinctly European, something that did not only make friends in their hometown. But they bit the bullet and carried on, working through local clubs and began writing songs for their follow-up album. “Condition Black” built up on “Outsiders” dipping a toe into new musical spheres and showed a band trying to find its new self without turning its back on its influences. Not an easy task but in the end the lads are to be congratulated on the success of the experiment.

In a musical sense they became more experimental, the songs are different to those on the predecessor, the sound reaches further into the past. “Condition Black” is certainly an album which is not meant to be just music in the background.

The progged influences cannot be overlooked and they have moved somewhat away from the traditional Power Metal elements which stamped the predecessor album. The vocals became rawer and one could almost say that “Condition Black” shows a band built on an entirely new musical base, turning down the sound to its most important elements. What may sound at first as unstructured and inconsistent soon shows its very own appeal.

“As Above, So Below (Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came)” is a fast, straight number definitely in the style of Rage. In contrast to that is “The Morbid Architect”, a track whose growls and blast beats is almost frightening, but which is surprisingly good thanks to the combination with thrashy-fast metal passages. The progged, fast “Too Many Voices” is one of the highlights of the album, as is “Your Hand In Mine”. The listener should not prejudge the album before listening it through, letting him- or herself be carried along, putting memories and opinions of the band to one side and giving the new a chance. SKYLINER certainly don’t make it easy with this new album, but isn’t it the unusual sound and style of a band which give new perspectives? “Condition Black” is exactly one of those rare albums.


  •  01. Tidal / 3:04
  •  02. Condition Black / 5:43
  •  03. Too Many Voices / 5:03
  •  04. No World Order / 7:54
  •  05. Cages We Create / 8:39

  •  06. Starseeker (The Mystery of God) / 4:55
  •  07. Interlude I: The Firmament / 2:22
  •  08. As Above, So Below (Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came) / 5:48
  •  09. Interlude II: The Dance of Bliss / 5:08
  •  10. The Morbid Architect (That Prison of Veils) / 5:21
  •  11. Your Hand In Mine / 7:02

Total playing time 60:52


  • Second album of the US trio which has now torn down musical barriers and set new accents on its sound.
  • The long-awaited follow-up to their superb debut album.
  • For musically open-minded fans who appreciate and prefer albums with great variety.
21. October 2016
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SYMPHONITY interview, part III available

The third part of the video interview, conducted by Spark TV, about the upcoming SYMPHONITY album “King Of Persia” is available on YouTube.

Composer and guitarist Libor Křivák talks about the progress of the band, lyric topics, songwriting process and much more. “King Of Persia” will be released on September 30th (EU), November 18th in North America and is out now in JAPAN!

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SYMPHONITY video interview part II

Part II of the video interview that SYMPHONITY’s Libor did with Spark TV ( is available now. Watch it on YouTube for some more info about the upcoming album titled “King Of Persia”, featuring Olaf Hayer and Herbie Langhans on vocals.

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SYMPHONITY video interview out now!

Watch SYMPHONITY’s Libor giving some background information about the new “King Of Persia” album in a little video conducted by Spark TV (


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SYMPHONITY – King Of Persia

The Czech Republic has until now never been a shining light on the international Heavy Metal scene. Now and again a band would appear but then disappear again shortly afterwards. That, however, does not apply to SYMPHONITY, a union of talented Czech, Slovakian and German musicians who have just recorded their third album, “King Of Persia”. The band can be classified in the classical-symphonic genre, plays at a very high international standard and easily keeps pace with established bands such as Stratovarius, Rhapsody, Dionysus, Thunderstone and Sonata Arctica. Up-tempo hymns with high classical melodies, complex guitar parts played with virtuosity, unmistakeable vocals and memorable melodies are the characteristics of this, the band’s third album. Their previous work, “Voice from the Silence” had already impressed both the press and fans and came highly recommended listening. 2016 is sure to be a successful year for SYMPHONITY.

“King Of Persia” contains all the ingredients that fans of Sonata Arctica, Stratovarius, Rhapsody and Thunderstone expect from a high quality album: a build-up of broad choruses, voluminous melodies, galloping guitar attacks as well as neo-progged 6-string inserts. Add to that the vocals, which will send shivers down the spine of voice freaks. “In The Name Of God” with its classical guitar tracks will get the headbangers active and the melodies are irresistable and simply force you to sing along with them. The seven minute long “Children Of The Light” changes pace, mood and progressive claims – it’s a fast paced firework display of inspiration and complexity. The title track, around nine minutes long, is the core of the album and shows off the band’s clear talents for writing exciting songs and to put them to music in an equally impressive manner. Whilst “Siren Call” curls through your ears in a ballad-like way, “Live To Tell The Tale” is almost a rock number. “The Choice” will certainly thrill Avantasia fans. You can see, or rather you can hear that SYMPHONITY have managed to expand their musical field without having reduced the level of their basic influences. “King Of Persia” is a “Must Have” album for fans of Melodic Heavy Metal in 2016.


  •  01. King Of Persia / 9:06
  •  02. The Choice / 4:15
  •  03. In The Name Of God / 4:11
  •  04. Flying / 4:38
  •  05. A Farewell That Wasn’t Meant To Be / 6:33
  •  06. Children Of The Light / 7:08
  •  07. Siren Call / 2:54
  •  08. Live To Tell The Tale / 6:32
  •  09. Unwelcome / 5:14
  •  10. Out Of This World / 2:32

Total playing time 53:28


  • With Olaf Hayer (AINA, LUCA TURILLI, CHRYZTYNE, DIONYSUS, TREASURE SEEKER etc.) the band has one of the most expressive German Heavy Metal vocalists.
  • Introducing the voice of Herbie Langhans – the new star of the latest AVANTASIA album and world tour.
  • Cover artwork by Andreas Marschall (BLIND GUARDIAN, KREATOR, RUNNING WILD, HAMMERFALL, etc.).
  • The band has already opened for NIGHTWISH.
  • Album mixed by Sascha Paeth and mastered by Miro, Wolfsburg, Germany.
30. September 2016
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After their successful second album “The Savage And The Grace” and their exciting tour with OMEN in Spring 2015 MASTERS OF DISGUISE felt the need to return to their musical roots and to make tribute to their dedication to the US Metal of the 1980s.
Before beginning work on their third, regular long player, MASTERS OF DISGUISE releases the EP “The Fine Art Of Aging Gracefully” off their own bat, recorded & mixed by Coldsmith, mastered by Eroc. It introduces an unforgettable renaissance of the 80s US Metal scene, and MASTERS OF DISGUSE feel it their duty to uphold the spirit and feeling in modern times, they bring new life into US-(Speed) Metal classics.

01. Torture Me (Omen)
02. Goblin‘s Blade (Heathen)
03. Battalions (Metal Church)
04. Back To Reign (Agent Steel)
05. Master Of Disguise (Savage Grace)
06. Frost And Fire (Cirith Ungol)

The 6-track digipak CD is manually numbered by the band and is also available from Forever Rock Mailorder.

The Fine Art Of Aging Gracefully
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ASTRALION free download

ASTRALION’s sophmore album “Outlaw” will be released today!
Want a SIGNED copy by the band? Hurry up and be one of the first 50 buyers to order here – while supply last!
Download “Black Adder” for free here.

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ASTRALION “Outlaw” CD – new release date

Der Veröffentlichungstermin der ASTRALION – Outlaw CD wurde auf den 13. Mai 2016 verschoben.

The release date of the ASTRALION – Outlaw CD is postponed to May 13th, 20016.

Album trailer for ASTRALION’s new album “Outlaw”.

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