SYMPHONITY track by track introduction

„Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“ is the conceptual album which tells the story of Marco Polo. Each song is dedicated to some specific part of his journey. We tried to create a musical connection with the whole story, so each song is like a chapter of his life which is described not just by lyrics but also by music which is different in each of the songs. With the help of music and by using uncommon ethnic instruments, we created a special atmosphere which relates to each chapter, so it enhances the listening experience.

That’s why we decided to describe you each chapter in our own words, so you will know all the important things before the listening. In the following days we will share with you the series of posts related to each particular song from our upcoming album „Marco Polo: The Metal Soundtrack“, which you can pre-order here.

20. May 2022

Apr 25, 2022
Beam me up Scotty!