MINOTAURUS – Insolubilis

MINOTAURUS have been active since 1994, delivering a unique mixture of Folk, Metal and an unmistakeable dash of originality. Until today, they could look back on eight releases, each of them displaying clear development factors from one to the next, something that has always been recognised by their growing fan base. The development goes a step further with “Insolubilis”, their new album in a new, extended line-up. MINOTAURUS work under the motto “create new and keep the tried and tested”, which, considering the band’s long history, shows wisdom and farsightedness. It is exactly in the realm of Folk Metal, one in which fans orientate themselves explicitly to bands, credibility in an important asset. In the band’s own discography the album, “Insolubilis” is an absolute reference point and is certain to carry the band yet further forwards with giant steps. Like the half man, half bull, mythological creature which gave the band its name, MINOTAURUS is pawing the ground, about to charge.

Their fifth long-player, “Insolubilis” took the band once again to the Empire Studios in Bensheim, with Rolf Munkes. Eleven new songs packed into a varied package, offer an impressive mixture of melodies and subjects. With lots of phantasy and humour the tracks transport the listener along an exciting journey to historical and mythological places, visiting sailors and mermaids, witches and ghosts, heroes, kings, princesses and priests, yes, even the legendary minotaur itself, through graveyards, pirate ships, forests, campfires, army camps, ruins and valleys.

Overall the album is harder and the song-writing is clearly more mature. Besides guitar duels so typical of the band, one hears Celtic harps, tin whistle, Tinwhistle, wooden flutes and even a curtal, the forerunner of the bassoon. The Folk influence has been honed and rounds off the overall impression beautifully. Multivocal song lines as well as several very catchy tracks also belong to the order of the day. With their fifth long player, MINOTAURUS has proved that there is still a lot of potential within them. “Insolubilis” confirms this with no doubt whatsoever.



Total playing time 49:59


  • Mature, dynamic, heavy: that is the 2016 MINOTAURUS sound!
  • Produced by Rolf Munkes (Empire, Crematory, ex-Majesty, Tour guitarist for Tony Martin etc…) in the Empire Studios.
  • Ancient Epic Metal.
  • High quality back catalogue with excellent reviews.
11. November 2016
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Minotaurus – Erlkoenig: The official music video!

Press release by Ehrlebnisfilm (www.ehrlebnisfilm.com/minotaurus-erlkoenig-das-offizielle-musik-video)

“The time has come at last! The new music video “Erlkoenig” by the German Folk Metal band “Minotaurus” is going onto YouTube. It took 18 months and 8,000 Euros to make this short 4:30 minute video. It made a lot of new demands on us but was a lot of fun for all concerned. Thanks to all the numerous helpers for their incredible engagement! We’ll let you decide for yourself, whether it was all worth it!
The music video to the current Minotaurus album “The Call”.”

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“The Call” is a competently arranged mixture of Folk, Metal and an unmissable touch of individuality. It shows how the vocal duo of Julia Hofmeister and Oliver Klump have furthered their art, demonstrating with their impressive vocal parts on the album. Beside hard-hitting metallic guitar parts, the sextet lays stress on catchy melodies which stay with the listener for a long time.


  •  01. Free Our Souls / 3:25
  •  02. Wanna Be Your Wife / 3:37
  •  03. Erlkoenig / 3:57
  •  04. Hinterhalt / 2:34
  •  05. Love Song / 3:20
  •  06. The Call / 3:52
  •  07. Varus Battle / 5:51
  •  08. Chains Of Captivity / 5:12
  •  09. Spirit Island / 4:08
  •  10. Defenders Paradise / 4:04
  •  11. Father And Son / 4:39
  •  12. Princess Of Destruction (Version 2013) / 3:31

Total playing time 47:46


  • Mature, dynamic, forceful, that is the sound of MINOTAURUS 2013.
  • Produced by Rolf Munkes (Empire, ex-Majesty, tour guitarist for Tony Martin etc…) in Empire Studios.
  • Multifaceted Celtic Folk Metal with English and German lyrics.
  • High-quality back catalog with excellent reviews.
17. May 2013
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