„Unum“ is a concept album, on which singer Dario Vallesi holds the sceptre as main character. He is supported in his singing role by internationally known vocalists Hansi Kürsch of BLIND GUARDIAN, Chris Bay (FREEDOM CALL), Maxi Nil (JADED STAR, ex-VISIONS OF ATLANTIS) as well as Mark Boals (MALMSTEEN, IRON MASK, RING OF FIRE), who sing the parts of other characters in the story. The songs, all highly melodic, do not sound overly polished, but the punchy sound blows your socks off. „Unum“ stands for a strong mixture of Power and Folk, marked by superfast guitars, great choruses, bagpipes and lots of small finesses, which the listener will notice and register. All this makes VEXILLUM one of the top bands of the Italian scene, with an unmistakeable style of great power metal and folk elements.


  •  01. The Departure: Blow Away The Ashes / 6:46
  •  02. The Jester: Over The Clouds (Chris Bay from Freedom Call as The Jester) / 4:57
  •  03. The Sentenced: Fire And Blood (Hansi Kürsch from Blind Guardian as The Sentenced) / 5:39
  •  04. Lady Thief: What We Are (Maxi Nil from Jaded Star as Lady Thief) / 4:47
  •  05. The Hermit: Through The Mirror (Mark Boals from Ring of Fire as The Hermit) / 5:26
  •  06. The Way Back: The Clash Within / 5:01
  •  07. The True Beginning: Standing As One / 5:54
  •  08. Spunta La Luna Dal Monte (Tazenda) / 4:53
  •  09. Run Runaway (Slade) / 3:08

Total playing time 46:25

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  • Third album of the Italian band with renowned guests such as Hansi Kürsch of Blind Guardian, Chris Bay (Freedom Call), Mark Boals (Malmsteen, Iron Mask, Ring Of Fire) and Maxi Nil (Jaded Star).
  • Band of high musical individuality, which has created a style from power metal and Nordic folk elements.
  • European tours with e.g. Rhapsody Of Fire. Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Freedom Call and Orden Ogan.
Jan 13, 2015
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