MINOTAURUS – Victims Of The Underworld

“Victims Of The Underworld”, again recorded in collaboration with producer Rolf Munkes, is being released in the band’s 25th anniversary year. With more metal, but with lasting lyrical content, the album is a work of maturity and depth. From “Thor I’m Asking You” which, from the first note, carries the listener along with its hard guitars and profound melody, to the doom-inspired “Raven’s Fate” the songs seem to have been cast from a single multifaceted mold. Every note displays the conviction and energy that the band applied while recording their sixth album. MINOTAURUS have delivered a monumental work even by their own standards, and one which will surely generate new fans of this genre.



Total playing time 45:50



  • Mature, dynamic, tougher: that is the MINOTAURUS 2019 sound!
  • Produced by Rolf Munkes (Empire, Crematory, ex-Majesty, Tour guitarist for Tony Martin etc…) in Empire Studios.
  • Multifaceted, intensive Folk Metal.
  • High-quality back catalog with excellent reviews.
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new MINOTAURUS “Victims Of The Underworld” album out now

Today the new MINOTAURUS album “Victims Of The Underworld” is released. The album features 10 (11 on CD) new tracks and is a celebration of 25 years of MINOTAURUS.

Watch the official lyric video for the first single “Born From Roots“.
Born From Roots

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"Victims Of The Underworld"
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