FLASHBACK OF ANGER announce new bass player

After the untimely death of Francesco Masini, the Italian band FLASHBACK OF ANGER is ready to announce Andrea “Tower” Torricini as new bass player.

Andrea comes from the bands Vision Divine and Wonderland and has recently played along with Tommy Vitaly and several other international artists such as David Defeis, Todd LaTorre, Zak Stevens, Rhino and others.

The band just started recording the new album with the new line-up at Studio Emme Recording.

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We just received the sad message that Francesco Masini, bass player of FLASHBACK OF ANGER, lost his battle with cancer on June 18th. Our condolences go out to the family and friends of a man gone way too early.

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SANDSTONE – Purging The Past

With a mixture of Power, Progressive and Melodic Metal as well as various NWOBHM influences, the 12 songs on the album are catchy and impress you with classy songwriting and remind you a bit of Fates Warning, Iron Maiden and Queensryche. But SANDSTONE manages the almost impossible, creating a versatile, exciting and unique style.


  •  01. Anymore Lies / 4:26
  •  02. Hiding In The Shadows / 3:48
  •  03. Karma / 5:22
  •  04. Son Of Carthage / 6:15
  •  05. The Road To Guantamo / 4:51
  •  06. Y / 4:34
  •  07. Fingerprints / 4:51
  •  08. Division / 3:33
  •  09. D.O.A. / 4:10
  •  10. Enigma / 5:23
  •  11. Happy Birthday / 4:06
  •  12. All Operations / 5:16

Total playing time 55:23


  • young Irish band enjoying an excellent reputation in the underground scene
  • versatile mixture of Power, Progressive, and Melodic Metal and various NWOBHM influences
  • for fans of Queensryche, Iron Maiden, old Fates Warning, NWOBHM maniacs
  • album remastered by Uwe Lulis (Rebellion, ex-Grave Digger)
  • previous releases got excellent reviews
30. Oct 2009
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