DRAGONY release “Flame Of Tar Valon” lyrics video

Ladies and gentlemen, we are happy to present the first single from the upcoming new album MASTERS OF THE MULTIVERSE! The song “Flame Of Tar Valon” is inspired by the “Wheel Of Time” novels written by Robert Jordan, and prominently features the bombastic orchestrations by Lukas Knoebl (AEONATA, ILLUMINATA, SERENITY a.o.), who has once again raised the songs to a new level thanks to his intricate contributions. Check out the lyrics video on YouTube – the song will be available on platforms such as iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and Deezer shortly as well.

MASTERS OF THE MULTIVERSE will be out on October 12th.
You can pre-order the album, next to Bandcamp, at Forever Rock and ebay.

Sep 21, 2018
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Beam me up Scotty!