…THE RETURN OF „PERMANENT GARAGE DAYS“ (and not just „revisited“)

Quote from the band:
„Yes, it seemed impossible some months back. Our last album „Gems Of The NWOBHM“ was released in 2015. …

When we started, we had underground songs on our first album, like „Seven Days Of Splendour“ from Jameson Raid or „Rainbow Warrior“ from Bleak House. Many of these bands have been reissued on great labels like High Roller, No Remorse or Cult Metal Classics and some of those bands are active again. The once „unknown“ NWOBHM songs from rare 7″ singles and albums are now bigger than ever (not just because of us!!). … We always wanted to surprise people with great songs that only a few people know (or remember). This still is our aim, so we have to dig way deeper than usual to make Roxxcalibur album number 4 as relevant as the three albums before. We are on a good way here, still chosing tracks right now! Here and there we might do some more changes to the songs than usual when the original is more AOR or punk…let’s see!

Beside that nothing has changed! Same line-up as on „Gems…“ and the same label (Limb Music). No modern studio production but an authentic in-your-face sound. Same attitude, same fun!

There’s a lot of NWOBHM-people who we met and who are not with us anymore. This album will be dedicated to all of them, including Mr. Tsangarides who did our second album.“

Sep 22, 2020
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Beam me up Scotty!