FOGALORD – Masters Of War

FOGALORDS’s 2012 debut, „A Legend To Believe In“ was a surprising album of the symphonic-/epic metal genre, which was welcomed with overall positive reviews. Now, five years later, its successor entitled „Masters Of War“, is a work with a theme concerning itself with the story of the debut work, a concept album.

„Masters Of War“ bursts with classical-epic songwriting, heartfelt choirs, passages influenced by folklore, bagpipes and galopping rhythms, as well as insertions of influences of genres from melodic black metal to heartspeeding power metal bass attacks. Fans of bombastic sounds, supported by galloping riffs and a true fist-in-the-air attitude, will love this album.



Total playing time 54:18


Video Album Trailer


„Daughter Of The Morning Light“ video


  • FOGALORD convinced the metal scene with an excellent debut, which was recorded with known guest musicians from e.g. RHAPSODY, ANCIENT BARDS, LABYRINTH etc.
  • Mature musical concept album which will attract fans of RHAPSODY OF FIRE, MANOWAR, TURISAS, BLIND GUARDIAN, ENSIFERUM and even TYR.
  • „Masters Of War“ has a cutting edge musical concept with tracks ranging from the fast to the folk-like
02. June 2017
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FOGALORD – A Legend To Believe In

„A Legend To Believe In“ comes alive through its hymn-like, epic songs. The orchestral sections of the album are fabulous and not at all intrusive, while the guitar work on all twelve tracks is of the highest standard. Fans of classical-speed, highly melodic Metal with impressive vocals will have no excuse to pass over this first class album.


  •  01. Follow The Fog / 2:19
  •  02. At The Gates Of The Silent Storm / 4:54
  •  03. Black Era / 0:27
  •  04. The Fog Lord / 5:06
  •  05. The Scream Of The Thunder / 4:48
  •  06. A Legend To Believe In / 4:14
  •  07. The Dark Prophecy / 2:04
  •  08. A Day Of Fire / 6:23
  •  09. Our Last Nightfall / 3:51
  •  10. Strength Of The Hopeless / 0:32
  •  11. The March Of The Grey Army / 4:06
  •  12. Of War And Resurrection / 15:40

Total playing time 54:17


  • Excellent debut album of the Italian band with numerous well-known guest musicians
  • Impressively musical concept album greatly appealing to fans of RHAPSODY OF FIRE, MANOWAR, LUCA TURILLI’S DREAMQUEST as well as NIGHTWISH
05. October 2012
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