SANDSTONE – Behind The Scenes of „Epsilon Sky“

The release of SANDSTONE’s album „Epsilon Sky“ is not that far away anymore. Here is a, well sort of, „Behind The Scenes“ look of what happened during the making of the album.

„Epsilon Sky“ out on November 5th, 2021.

Click HERE for audio samples, video links and more information on where to buy/stream the album.

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FIREWÖLFE – new single on the way at full throttle

We are excited to announce that the second single and video from FIREWÖLFE’s upcoming album “Conquer All Fear” will be released Friday, October 22nd!

“Pedal To Metal” is the title of the new single, and as the name suggests it is a fast paced hard rocking tune about heavy metal, hot rods and never settling for less than your absolute best!

The song gets straight to the point with an uptempo groove, muscular riffs and shredding guitar solos, as well as a powerful vocal performance by Freddy Krumins with lyrics that sound like an anthem for all Heavy Metal fans.

So jump in the car, strap yourself in and come along for the exciting ride that is the new FireWölfe single “Pedal To Metal” on October 22nd!

For more info and audio samples click HERE.

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WONDERS „Pretender“ single / video out today!

„Pretender“ is the second song written by the band, a song full of pathos and emotions that involves the listener from the first to the last musical note. Its melodic and sometimes melancholic beginning evolves into a musical explosion when it comes to the refrain, giving way to a second part of an extremely Power Metalesque song with melodic traits, where the rhythm section and the vocalist are up and running strong.

We do recommend to give it a listen because we believe it is a beautiful song, that will make every fan of the genre around the world happy.

For more info and audio samples click HERE.

WONDERS – short acoustic version of „Good & Bad“

WONDERS‘ vocalist Marco wants to share with you a short acoustic version of „Good & Bad“!

The official videoclip of „Good & Bad“ you find on YouTube

The debut album „The Fragments Of Wonder“ will be released on November 12th.

For more info and audio samples click here.

SANDSTONE – „Cuts To You“ single/video released today

We are pleased to present SANDSTONE’s second single from upcoming album „Epsilon Sky“, to be released on November 5th.

This mid-tempo rocker is called „Cuts To You“ and features heartfelt and melodic vocals and lead guitar throughout.

Singer Sean describes it like this:
„Cuts To You is the story of a man walking against the tide, trying to find peace and harmony in his life, even willing to go against his own moral code to achieve it. A dilemma of the soul.“

The video was shot by the band at Killeagh Donegal, and Campsie Derry, and features Sean on vocals, Stevie on guitar and Eamonn on drums.

You will find the single on all major digital platforms.

For more info and audio samples click here.

WONDERS’s second single out soon

„Pretender“ is the name of WONDERS‘ second single, which will be released on Friday the 15th. The album „The Fragments Of Wonder“ is already anxiously waiting for its big day on November the 12th.

There will be also a video accompanying the release, showing the band recording and having (way too much?) fun in the studio. Well, we will let you be the judge on this one. 😉

DANIELE MAZZA – „In The Heart Of Battle“ single out now!

The second single from the album „Immortals“ by DANIELE MAZZA is out now. Bombastic orchestrations, powerful drums, and the incredible guitar solo performed by Claudio Pietronik (ANCIENT BARDS guitarist) are the main ingredients of this Epic Cinematic song.

This is what you can expect from the upcoming album, to be released on October 29th.

Find the video on all major digital platforms.

For more info and audio samples click HERE.

FIREWÖLFE single/video „Vicious As The Viper“ out now!

“Vicious As The Viper” is FIREWÖLFE’s first single from their forthcoming album „Conquer All Fear“. With crunchy guitars, melodic themes and catchy vocal hooks, this song represents all of the great musical qualities that FIREWÖLFE fans love.

Composed of veterans of the Hard Rock and US Metal scene, FIREWÖLFE is a veteran crew who’s members have played in legendary US Metal bands such as Metal Church, Q5, Heir Apparent, Pamela Moore Band, TKO, James Byrd’s Atlantis Rising, as well as progressive acts like A Dying Planet and The Element.

The bands highly anticipated new album „Conquer All Fear“ wil be released on November 19th.

For longer sound snippets and info click HERE.

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