New FOREVER ROCK Onlineshop!

After we didn’t have a store for a long time and sold mainly on discogs and ebay, we are proud to present our own online store again!

On you can find hundreds of products from the genres Melodic, Heavy, Power, Speed, True, Symphonic and Progressive Metal from
artists like Rhapsody, Luca Turilli, Ancient Bards, Black Majesty, Dragony and many more, and of course the complete label catalog of Limb Music. Besides CD’s and Vinyl we have exclusive rarities, Japan-Imports and SHM-CD’s in stock and also the bargain hunters among you can fill their Metal collection again and choose from ‚umpteen discounted products.

To celebrate the reopening we also offer a 10% discount on every order until August 26th!

We are looking forward to your visit in our store! FOREVER ROCK – Welcome to the world of Heavy Metal!

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We are very happy to announce that our new single ‚Fly Away Together‘ will release worldwide on 15th September! 🎵

As we gear up towards our second album, it is always a great joy for us to bring you all new music along the way, and this is a very special one that we absolutely can’t wait for you all to hear 🤘

➡️ Debut album audio samples, videos & online stores/streaming platforms: ⬅️


There we have it, the new single is all ready to go!
We’ll be dropping more information next week, so stay tuned for the name and release date and more 👀 🎨

📣 We are still running a big stock clearance sale over at our shop while stocks, everything is a massive 50% off until further notice, so be sure to grab a bargain while you can –
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➡️ Debut album audio samples, videos & online stores/streaming platforms: ⬅️

WONDERS – new video out now!

The new WONDERS video “The Time Of Your Life”, taken from the new album „Beyond The Mirage“ and again produced by BOB KATSIONIS, is out now!

Quote from PIETRO PAOLO LUNESU (guitars):
„It’s the most powerful and fastest track on the entire album, a concentrate of absolute power! The theme that inspired me is of inner introspection that we have in some moments of life, and what we have done good and bad, what goals we have achieved and at the same time the goals we have not achieved, I think it is a powerful song musically, but with a reflective theme!“

Order / listen to „Beyond The Mirage“ here  or  here

WONDERS – teaser for new video!

WONDERS will release a new video to their song “The Time Of Your Life” from the new album „Beyond The Mirage“ on Friday, July 14!

YouTube Video Premiere, Friday 5pm:

Order / listen to „Beyond The Mirage“ here  or  here

PRYDAIN – album of the month!

We are proud to announce that PRYDAIN’s debut album ‚The Gates of Aramore‘ is ALBUM OF THE MONTH in British POWERPLAY magazine, issue #264 July 2023.

Order album: here  or  here

WONDERS – album out today!

Today we’re proud to announce the release of the new WONDERS album ‚Beyond The Mirage‘ on Limb Music! The successor of the 2021 debut ‚The Fragments of Wonder‘ again impresses with skillful, progressive, catchy Power Metal, partially played with speed elements.

Produced & mixed by BOB KATSIONIS (Firewind, Serious Black, Prydain, Outloud, Stray Gods, Warrior Path).

Quote from PIETRO PAOLO LUNESU (guitars):
„I’m excited for today’s release of ‚Beyond The Mirage‘. I consider the new album a concentrate of melody and power, with beautiful refrains that remain in the head. I’m sure the album will be positively received by WONDERS fans but will embrace new fans!“

Quote from BOB KATSIONIS (production, mix, keyboards):
„I can’t believe we’re already on the 2nd WONDERS album! Making music with the Lunesu guys it’s so much fun and working with Marco Pastorino is an extra blessing! ‚Beyond The Mirage‘ is an album I went wild in terms of speed, melody and everyhing. I think it’s one of my best albums to date and on a side note, I’m loving the sound we produced: It’s LOUD! Can’t wait for people to listen to it.“

Order album: here  or  here

WONDERS – new single & video out now!

Today LIMB MUSIC is thrilled to announce the release of a new video & single by WONDERS „Breaking The Chains“. Brace yourself for an incredible musical journey from their upcoming album „Beyond The Mirage“ (June 16, 2023)!

Don’t miss out on this captivating track that showcases WONDERS‘ immense talent. Experience their soul-stirring melodies, profound lyrics, and impeccable musicianship firsthand. „Breaking The Chains“ sets the stage for what promises to be a monumental album.

Quote from Pietro Paolo Lunesu (guitars):
„Breaking The Chains“ represents the song where the man breaks his old mental patterns, breaks the chains that imprison him in his sad reality, but at the same time with the hope of becoming a man with positive thoughts and concrete life goals, I think the song has one of the most beautiful refrains ever for the music of the Wonders!

Quote from Bob Katsionis (keyboards, production, mix):
„Breaking The Chains“ is one of my favorite songs of the album, combining my own Greek Power Metal elements with the Italian Hard Rock/AOR finezza of the band! The video was once again made both real footage of the band and AI generated landscapes and animation to fit the whole traveling beyond space and time concept of the album. I love it!

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